Low-Co­st Ener­gy

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Un abi­tan­te su set­te del pia­ne­ta an­co­ra non frui­sce del­la re­te elet­tri­ca. Ec­co per­ché so­no co­sì im­por­tan­ti quel­le pic­co­le gran­di in­ven­zio­ni – spes­so ve­ri og­get­ti di de­si­gn – che of­fro­no so­lu­zio­ni al­ter­na­ti­ve sfrut­tan­do i rag­gi del so­le, il mo­vi­men­to o an­che sem­pli­ce­men­te la ri­fra­zio­ne del­la lu­ce

One in­ha­bi­tant of our pla­net in se­ven still has no con­nec­tion to an elec­tri­ci­ty grid. This is why tho­se small but great in­ven­tions are so im­por­tant – and are of­ten true ob­jec­ts of de­si­gn – tho­se that of­fer al­ter­na­ti­ve so­lu­tions by ex­ploi­ting the sun’s rays, mo­ve­ment or even ju­st the re­frac­tion of light

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