Il de­si­gn aiu­ta il mu­seo

De­si­gn Helps Out the Mu­seum

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The Ri­jk­smu­seum in Am­ster­dam is a trea­su­re che­st of ma­ster­pie­ces. Its rooms hou­se works by great Dut­ch pain­ters of the pa­st li­ke Ver­meer and van Dyck. The mu­seum ope­ned its doors again in 2013, af­ter ten years of re­sto­ra­tion, and for so­me ti­me the ma­na­ge­ment has been in­ve­sting in pro­jec­ts of de­si­gn that will crea­te va­lue, in an at­tempt to draw new vi­si­tors to the mu­seum, pe­rhaps from sec­tions of the pu­bic mo­re ac­cu­sto­med to con­tem­po­ra­ry crea­ti­vi­ty. Re­cen­tly Mar­cel Wan­ders has de­si­gned a mo­nu­men­tal book about the mu­seum’s ma­ster­pie­ces. The idea is to ce­le­bra­te the ar­ti­stic va­lue of its col­lec­tion and its ti­me­less cha­rac­ter. The book was prin­ted and bound in Ita­ly. A cou­ple of years ago the Droog col­lec­ti­ve had dra­wn in­spi­ra­tion from the pain­tings in the mu­seum to de­ve­lop a se­ries of wall­pa­per pat­terns who­se aim was let peo­ple en­joy the fla­vour of the pa­st at ho­me or in the of­fi­ce.

Mar­cel Wan­ders, Ri­jks, Ma­sters of the Gol­den Age, 2016. Il Ri­jk­smu­seum di Am­ster­dam è uno scri­gno di ca­po­la­vo­ri. So­no ospi­ta­ti in que­ste stan­ze mae­stri del­la pit­tu­ra an­ti­ca olan­de­se co­me Ver­meer e van Dyck. Nel 2013, do­po die­ci an­ni di re­stau­ri, il mu­seo ha ria­per­to i bat­ten­ti e da tem­po la di­re­zio­ne in­ve­ste in pro­get­ti di de­si­gn che crei­no va­lo­re, av­vi­ci­nan­do il mu­seo a nuo­vi pub­bli­ci, ma­ga­ri più av­vez­zi al­la crea­ti­vi­tà con­tem­po­ra­nea. Re­cen­te­men­te Mar­cel Wan­ders ha di­se­gna­to un li­bro mo­nu­men­ta­le che rac­con­ta i ca­po­la­vo­ri del mu­seo. L’idea ce­le­bra l’as­so­lu­to va­lo­re ar­ti­sti­co del pa­tri­mo­nio in col­le­zio­ne e il suo es­se­re sen­za tem­po. Il li­bro è sta­to stam­pa­to e ri­le­ga­to in Ita­lia. Un pa­io d’an­ni fa il col­let­ti­vo Droog ave­va im­ma­gi­na­to a par­ti­re dai di­pin­ti, una sin­te­si di co­lo­ri e un rit­mo com­po­si­ti­vo coe­ren­te tra­sfe­ri­to su una se­rie di car­te da pa­ra­ti, il cui obiet­ti­vo era go­de­re in ca­sa o in uf­fi­cio il se­gno del pas­sa­to. (MS)

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