La fac­cia pu­li­ta dei ri­fiu­ti

The Clean Fa­ce of Re­fu­se

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Pro­du­cia­mo una quan­ti­tà im­men­sa di spaz­za­tu­ra, lo sap­pia­mo. Si di­ce che, se non si in­ter­vie­ne tem­pe­sti­va­men­te per ri­sol­ve­re i pro­ble­mi le­ga­ti al­la ge­stio­ne dei ri­fiu­ti, i dan­ni da in­qui­na­men­to po­treb­be­ro ave­re se­rie ri­per­cus­sio­ni a li­vel­lo am­bien­ta­le e sul­la no­stra sa­lu­te. In que­sta vi­sio­ne ca­ta­stro­fi­ca del fu­tu­ro, per for­tu­na, ci so­no Pae­si che han­no de­ci­so di in­ve­sti­re in mac­chi­na­ri e strut­tu­re che, nel mo­do me­no no­ci­vo e in­va­si­vo per l’am­bien­te, ne per­met­ta­no lo smal­ti­men­to e il ri­ci­clo. Cy­cle & Re­cy­cle del fo­to­gra­fo bel­ga Paul Bul­teel pun­ta l’obiet­ti­vo su que­sto. Una se­rie di fo­to­gra­fie scat­ta­te all’in­ter­no di cir­ca 50 sta­bi­li­men­ti e im­pian­ti di rac­col­ta, smi­sta­men­to, trat­ta­men­to e riu­so, tra Bel­gio, Ger­ma­nia, Fran­cia, Olan­da e Lus­sem­bur­go, in­da­ga­no do­ve i no­stri ri­fiu­ti van­no a fi­ni­re e in co­sa ven­go­no poi ri­ci­cla­ti. Mo­ne­te tra­sfor­ma­te in ce­ne­re uti­liz­za­ta co­me sta­bi­liz­zan­te del cal­ce­struz­zo; pla­sti­ca smi­sta­ta, la­va­ta, asciu­ga­ta e co­la­ta per pro­dur­re va­si per fio­ri o og­get­ti da giar­di­no; bot­ti­glie di ve­tro pu­li­te, smi­nuz­za­te e fu­se per crea­re nuo­ve bot­ti­glie di ve­tro. L’al­tra fac­cia, quel­la pu­li­ta, di una del­la sfi­de più im­por­ta­ti che ogni na­zio­ne de­ve vin­ce­re. (OPP) We all know ju­st how mu­ch gar­ba­ge we ge­ne­ra­te. It is now thought that if we do not do so­me­thing soon to sol­ve pro­blems as­so­cia­ted wi­th the ma­na­ge­ment of re­fu­se, the pol­lu­tion da­ma­ge that will re­sult could ha­ve se­rious re­per­cus­sions on the en­vi­ron­ment and on hu­man heal­th. But for all the­se ca­ta­stro­phic visions of the fu­tu­re, the­re are, mer­ci­ful­ly, so­me coun­tries that ha­ve de­ci­ded to in­ve­st in ma­chi­ne­ry and struc­tu­res whi­ch di­spo­se of or re­cy­cle wa­ste unob­tru­si­ve­ly and in a way that cau­ses the lea­st en­vi­ron­men­tal harm. Cy­cle & Re­cy­cle by Bel­gian pho­to­gra­pher Paul Bul­teel cap­tu­res the­se ideas th­rou­gh a se­ries of pho­to­gra­phs ta­ken inside so­me 50 plan­ts and col­lec­tion de­po­ts whe­re tra­sh is sor­ted, trea­ted and ma­de reu­sa­ble in Bel­gium, Ger­ma­ny, Fran­ce, the Ne­ther­lands and Lu­xem­bourg, in­ve­sti­ga­ting the pla­ces whe­re our rub­bi­sh ends up and what it is then re­cy­cled in­to. Coins re­du­ced to a po­w­der and used as a sta­bi­li­sing ele­ment in con­cre­te; pla­stic that is sor­ted, wa­shed, dried and re­moul­ded to ma­ke flo­wer bo­xes or other items for the gar­den; glass bot­tles that are cru­shed and mel­ted do­wn to ma­ke new glass bot­tles. The clean fa­ce of one of the mo­st im­por­tant chal­len­ges fa­cing eve­ry na­tion

Ar­chi­flop. Sto­rie di pro­get­ti fi­ni­ti ma­le 24 Ore Cul­tu­ra, 2016 pp. 192, ill. 100, € 25 www.24ore­cul­tu­­bri

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