La ri­cer­ca del com­fort e del be­nes­se­re

The Pur­suit of Com­fort and Well-Being

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Co­me ogni an­no in que­sto pe­rio­do, Bo­lo­gna è il luo­go do­ve es­se­re per sa­pe­re co­sa ac­ca­de di nuo­vo nel mon­do dei ri­ve­sti­men­ti e dell’ar­re­do­ba­gno. Al Cer­sa­ie, la prin­ci­pa­le fie­ra in­ter­na­zio­na­le del set­to­re, si dan­no in­fat­ti ap­pun­ta­men­to pro­dut­to­ri, de­si­gners, pro­get­ti­sti, ad­det­ti ai la­vo­ri, ap­pas­sio­na­ti e cu­rio­si. co­glie l’oc­ca­sio­ne per pre­sen­ta­re una ras­se­gna del­le mag­gio­ri no­vi­tö

Eve­ry year at this ti­me, Bo­lo­gna is the pla­ce to be to di­sco­ver all the la­te­st new ideas in clad­dings and ba­th­rooms. Cer­sa­ie is the main in­ter­na­tio­nal fair for the field, brin­ging to­ge­ther ma­nu­fac­tu­rers, de­si­gners, tra­de­speo­ple and eve­ryo­ne el­se who is pas­sio­na­te – or ju­st cu­rious – about the sec­tor and its pro­duc­ts. is ta­king the op­por­tu­ni­ty to pre­sent a se­lec­tion of the main new ideas Re­sear­ch un­der­ta­ken by Glo­bo has led to the de­ve­lo­p­ment of so­me new ce­ra­mic co­lours. This col­lec­tion com­pri­ses 14 sha­des, ran­ging from warm chest­nut and cha­mois to col­der hues su­ch as aga­te and pearl. The­se now join ti­me­less matt black and whi­te, and the ori­gi­nal pe­trol green. The co­lours can be ap­plied to no fewer than ni­ne col­lec­tions in the ca­ta­lo­gue, a uni­que of­fe­ring from a ba­th­room fur­ni­shings firm. www.ce­ra­mi­ca­glo­

TXT_ MIA PIZ­ZI GLO­BO, de­si­gn Crea­ti­ve Lab+ La ri­cer­ca in­tra­pre­sa da Glo­bo ha por­ta­to al­la crea­zio­ne di nuo­vi co­lo­ri ce­ra­mi­ci. La col­le­zio­ne si com­po­ne di 14 tin­te, dal­le sfu­ma­tu­re più cal­de co­me il ca­sta­gno e il ca­mo­scio a quel­le più fred­de co­me l’aga­ta o il per­la, ol­tre agli in­tra­mon­ta­bi­li ne­ro o bian­co opa­co e all’ori­gi­na­le ver­de pe­tro­lio. So­no co­lo­ri esten­si­bi­li a ben no­ve col­le­zio­ni in ca­ta­lo­go, ca­rat­te­ri­sti­ca uni­ca tra le azien­de dell’ar­re­do­ba­gno.

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