La crea­ti­vi­tö co­min­cia dal­la ca­va

When Crea­ti­vi­ty Co­mes from the Quar­ry

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A Ve­ro­na, dal 28 set­tem­bre all’1 ot­to­bre, è in ca­len­da­rio Mar­mo­macc, fie­ra in­ter­na­zio­na­le de­di­ca­ta al­le pie­tre e al­le mac­chi­ne per la la­vo­ra­zio­ne. Tra le ten­den­ze, il de­si­gn del ma­te­ria­le na­tu­ra­le che vie­ne trat­ta­to, spez­za­to, ri­com­po­sto, me­sco­la­to, su­bli­ma­to con ogni tec­ni­ca, dal­la la­vo­ra­zio­ne ar­ti­gia­na­le al­le più so­fi­sti­ca­te tec­no­lo­gie

Mar­mo­macc, the in­ter­na­tio­nal ex­hi­bi­tion of sto­ne de­si­gn and tech­no­lo­gy, will be held in Ve­ro­na from 28 Sep­tem­ber to 1 Oc­to­ber. Cur­rent trends in­clu­de de­si­gns that rein­vent na­tu­ral sto­ne by brea­king it up, mi­xing it and re­com­po­sing it using eve­ry me­thod pos­si­ble, from craft tech­ni­ques to the mo­st so­phi­sti­ca­ted tech­no­lo­gi­cal pro­ces­ses Kno­wn in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly for its mar­ble quar­ry­ing and pro­ces­sing work, the firm has over the years wi­de­ned the sco­pe of its ac­ti­vi­ties to in­clu­de re­sear­ch in­to dif­fe­rent ma­te­rials and de­si­gns, wi­th art di­rec­tion by Pao­lo Ar­me­ni­se and Sil­via Ner­bi. One of their mo­re re­cent crea­tions is Tjan­di, a va­se in­ten­ded as a street fur­ni­shing item, crea­ted di­rec­tly from a block of mar­ble in dia­me­ters of bet­ween 60 and 150 cm. www.fran­chi­

FRAN­CHI UM­BER­TO MAR­MI, de­si­gn Pao­lo Ar­me­ni­se e Sil­via Ner­bi In­ter­na­zio­nal­men­te no­ta per l’estra­zio­ne e la la­vo­ra­zio­ne del mar­mo, l’azien­da ha nel tem­po al­lar­ga­to il pro­prio cam­po pro­get­tua­le, ri­vol­gen­do­si al­la ri­cer­ca dei ma­te­ria­li e al de­si­gn, la cui di­re­zio­ne ar­ti­sti­ca è af­fi­da­ta a Pao­lo Ar­me­ni­se e a Sil­via Ner­bi. Lo­ro è an­che Tjan­di, il va­so pen­sa­to per l’ar­re­do ur­ba­no, la­vo­ra­to di­ret­ta­men­te dal bloc­co di mar­mo in dia­me­tri va­ria­bi­li da cm 60 a 150. TXT_ MIA PIZ­ZI

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