Green Island

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560 A fi­ne ago­sto a New Hol­land, l’iso­let­ta ar­ti­fi­cia­le di for­ma trian­go­la­re nel cuo­re di San Pie­tro­bur­go, è sta­to inau­gu­ra­to il quar­tie­re pub­bli­co mul­ti­fun­zio­na­le pro­get­ta­to dai pae­sag­gi­sti olan­de­si We­st 8 per rein­ven­tar­ne il ruo­lo nel­la cit­tà. Rior­ga­niz­za­zio­ne e ab­bel­li­men­to del­le aree ver­di, re­stau­ro dell’ex fon­de­ria con il suo giar­di­no di er­be, dell’edi­fi­cio am­mi­ni­stra­ti­vo e dell’an­ti­ca pri­gio­ne na­va­le, so­pran­no­mi­na­ta The Bot­tle. An­che l’il­lu­mi­na­zio­ne ha rap­pre­sen­ta­to un te­ma im­por­tan­te, co­me l’in­stal­la­zio­ne di pa­di­glio­ni tem­po­ra­nei che ospi­ta­no even­ti cul­tu­ra­li, non­ché i ser­vi­zi ne­ces­sa­ri per la ge­stio­ne del par­co. L’area gio­chi ri­cor­da la fre­ga­ta sto­ri­ca Pe­tr e Pa­vel (fo­to). Ora l’iso­la è aper­ta al pub­bli­co an­che in in­ver­no. (Ire­ne Gu­z­man) At the end of Au­gu­st in New Hol­land, the lit­tle ar­ti­fi­cial island sha­ped li­ke a trian­gle in the heart of St Pe­ter­sburg, ope­ned Dut­ch land­sca­pe ar­chi­tec­ts We­st 8’s new pu­blic mul­ti-use nei­gh­bou­rhood that re­sponds to the two­fold goal of rein­ven­ting its ro­le in the ci­ty. Reor­ga­ni­sa­tion and beau­ti­fi­ca­tion of the interior green spa­ces, out­fit­ting of the old foun­dry wi­th its herb gar­den, and of the ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve buil­ding and the old na­val pri­son, nic­k­na­med The Bot­tle. Lighting was al­so an im­por­tant to­pic, as was the in­stal­la­tion of tem­po­ra­ry pa­vi­lions to ho­st cul­tu­ral even­ts and the fa­ci­li­ties for the ad­mi­ni­stra­tion of the park. The play­ground is mo­del­led af­ter the hi­sto­ric fri­ga­te ship The Pe­tr and Pa­vel (pho­to). Now the island will be open even du­ring the win­ter.

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