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Phi­lip­pe Par­re­no Fio­na O’Lea­ry, de­si­gner neo lau­rea­ta al Royal Col­le­ge of Art di Lon­dra, co­no­sce be­ne il me­stie­re del­la gra­fi­ca edi­to­ria­le e sa quan­to sia im­por­tan­te ri­co­no­sce­re, sce­glie­re e or­ga­niz­za­re i font ti­po­gra­fi­ci. Con l’era di­gi­ta­le la gal­le­ria di ca­rat­te­ri in cir­co­la­zio­ne si è este­sa a di­smi­su­ra e lei si è in­ven­ta­ta uno stru­men­to pra­ti­co e ma­neg­ge­vo­le che, tra­mi­te un vi­so­re, ri­le­va font su qual­sia­si su­per­fi­cie. Do­po di che lo stru­men­to ela­bo­ra il da­to e lo tra­smet­te via Blue­too­th a un pc, met­ten­do a di­spo­si­zio­ne dell’uten­te le ca­rat­te­ri­sti­che del font cat­tu­ra­to at­tra­ver­so plu­gin mol­to dif­fu­si co­me Ado­be e InDe­si­gn. Spec­tor, que­sto il no­me del pro­get­to, cer­ca in­ve­sti­to­ri per tra­sfor­mar­si da pro­to­ti­po in pro­dot­to. (MS) Fio­na O’Lea­ry, de­si­gner who re­cen­tly gra­dua­ted from the Royal Col­le­ge of Art in Lon­don, is ve­ry fa­mi­liar wi­th the bu­si­ness of gra­phics in pu­bli­shing and kno­ws how im­por­tant it is to re­co­gni­se, choo­se and or­ga­ni­se ty­po­gra­phi­cal fon­ts. The di­gi­tal age has brought a hu­ge in­crea­se in the ar­ray of avai­la­ble cha­rac­ters and a prac­ti­cal tool has been crea­ted in the form of a hand-held de­tec­tor that can iden­ti­fy fon­ts from any sur­fa­ce. The in­for­ma­tion is then pro­ces­sed and tran­smit­ted via Blue­too­th to a com­pu­ter screen that di­splays the fea­tu­res of the cap­tu­red font th­rou­gh po­pu­lar plu­gins li­ke Ado­be and InDe­si­gn. Spec­tor, as the pro­ject has been na­med, is now loo­king for in­ve­stors to turn the pro­to­ty­pe in­to a pro­duct.

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