Par­re­no, sin­fo­nia di lu­ce e vi­deo al­la Ta­te

Par­re­no, Sym­pho­ny of Light and Vi­deo at the Ta­te

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L’“ar­te re­la­zio­na­le” del fran­ce­se in­va­de la Tur­bi­ne Hall con una in­stal­la­zio­ne im­mer­si­va «Una con­ver­sa­zio­ne so­spe­sa tra og­get­ti», co­sì Phi­lip­pe Par­re­no de­fi­ni­sce la nuo­va mo­stra nel­la Sa­la del­le tur­bi­ne al­la Ta­te Mo­dern di Lon­dra. Do­po la fe­li­ce re­tro­spet­ti­va all’Han­gar Bi­coc­ca di Mi­la­no lo scor­so an­no e co­me di con­sue­to nel­la sua pra­ti­ca, Par­re­no com­po­ne una mo­stra a tem­po, scan­di­ta in bre­vi fram­men­ti co­reo­gra­fi­ci con lu­ci, vi­deo e og­get­ti che dan­za­no so­spe­si, crean­do un even­to dal­la vo­ca­zio­ne tea­tra­le. Si de­fi­ni­sce, in­fat­ti, met­teur en scè­ne l’ar­ti­sta fran­ce­se, clas­se 1964, già espo­sto al Pa­lais de To­kyo a Pa­ri­gi e al­la Fon­da­zio­ne Beye­ler a Ba­si­lea. È tra i pro­ta­go­ni­sti di quel­la che, da­gli an­ni No­van­ta, vie­ne de­fi­ni­ta “ar­te re­la­zio­na­le”: un’ar­te che coin­vol­ge il pub­bli­co in un’espe­rien­za at­ti­va, non so­lo vi­si­va, e che ha sem­pre un ex­cur­sus tem­po­ra­le. In que­sto ca­so, suo­ni e lu­ci in­ter­mit­ten­ti, og­get­ti so­spe­si ad al­tez­ze va­ria­bi­li so­no ac­com­pa­gna­ti da una par­ti­tu­ra so­no­ra. (Cri­stia­na Cam­pa­ni­ni) “A con­ver­sa­tion su­spen­ded bet­ween ob­jec­ts”, this is the ex­hi­bit on sta­ge in Tur­bi­ne Hall at the Ta­te Mo­dern in Lon­don as de­fi­ned by Phi­lip­pe Par­re­no. Fol­lo­wing the suc­ces­sful re­tro­spec­ti­ve at Han­ger Bi­coc­ca in Mi­lan la­st year and in kee­ping wi­th his usual prac­ti­ce, Par­re­no com­po­ses a rhy­th­mic ex­hi­bi­tion, bro­ken up in­to va­rious cho­reo­gra­phed frag­men­ts wi­th lights, vi­deos and ob­jec­ts that dan­ce su­spen­ded in mid-air, crea­ting an event wi­th a thea­tri­cal in­cli­na­tion. Cal­ling him­self in fact a met­teur en sc•ne, the Fren­ch ar­ti­st, who was born in 1964, was al­rea­dy ce­le­bra­ted in ex­hi­bi­tions at the Pa­lais de To­kyo in Pa­ris and the Beye­ler Foun­da­tion in Ba­sel. And is one of the stars of what, sin­ce the 1990s, has been cal­led “re­la­tio­nal art”: an art that in­vol­ves the pu­blic in an ac­ti­ve ex­pe­rien­ce, whi­ch is not ju­st vi­sual, and that al­ways con­tains a tem­po­ral ex­cur­sus. In this ca­se in­ter­mit­tent sounds and lights, and ob­jec­ts su­spen­ded at va­ry­ing heights, are ac­com­pa­nied by a sound sco­re

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