Buo­ne pra­ti­che a Tai­pei

Good Prac­ti­ces in Tai­pei

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Co­me World De­si­gn Ca­pi­tal 2016 la cit­tà tai­wa­ne­se ha lan­cia­to al­cu­ni pro­get­ti ur­ba­ni coin­vol­gen­do an­che i cit­ta­di­ni La ca­pi­ta­le tai­wa­ne­se vi­ve una fa­se di fer­men­to. Ol­tre al­le gran­di ope­re in can­tie­re che la spin­go­no ver­so una di­men­sio­ne più in­ter­na­zio­na­le, il pro­ces­so di cam­bia­men­to si sta svi­lup­pan­do nel sot­to­bo­sco ur­ba­no an­che gra­zie al ruo­lo di World De­si­gn Ca­pi­tal 2016. Mo­stre, even­ti e talk han­no per­mes­so que­st’an­no al­la cit­tà di ra­gio­na­re sull’iden­ti­tà in un pa­no­ra­ma glo­ba­le fa­cen­do se­de­re al­lo stes­so ta­vo­lo isti­tu­zio­ni, go­ver­no e pro­fes­sio­ni­sti lo­ca­li. Co­sì so­no cre­sciu­te le buo­ne pra­ti­che in cit­tà, da re­pli­ca­re su più am­pia sca­la. Qual­che esem­pio: par­chi gio­chi a mi­su­ra di bam­bi­no co­strui­ti con ma­te­ria­le di re­cu­pe­ro, un net­work di pic­co­le sta­zio­ni per mo­ni­to­ra­re il pro­prio sta­to di sa­lu­te, l’av­vio di pro­ces­si par­te­ci­pa­ti con gli spaz­zi­ni, per ri­pro­get­tar­ne l’at­trez­za­tu­ra, e con i com­mer­cian­ti, per ri­di­se­gnar­ne le in­se­gne (fo­to), una ri­cer­ca per crea­re nuo­vi ma­te­ria­li da og­get­ti di­smes­si. (AP) The ca­pi­tal of Tai­wan is going th­rou­gh a flur­ry of ac­ti­vi­ty. In ad­di­tion to the ma­jor works that are un­der way, pu­shing it to­wards a mo­re in­ter­na­tio­nal di­men­sion, the pro­cess of chan­ge is sprea­ding to the ur­ban un­der­gro­w­th as well thanks to the ci­ty’s ro­le of World De­si­gn Ca­pi­tal 2016. Ex­hi­bi­tions, even­ts and talks ha­ve gi­ven Tai­pei an op­por­tu­ni­ty this year to ta­ke a look at its iden­ti­ty again­st a glo­bal back­ground, get­ting in­sti­tu­tions, mem­bers of the go­vern­ment and lo­cal pro­fes­sio­nals to sit do­wn at the sa­me ta­ble. As a re­sult good prac­ti­ces ha­ve flou­ri­shed in the ci­ty, rea­dy to be re­pli­ca­ted on a wi­der sca­le. So­me exam­ples: play­grounds built for chil­dren out of re­cy­cled ma­te­rial, a net­work of small sta­tions at whi­ch peo­ple can mo­ni­tor the sta­te of their heal­th, work car­ried out arm in arm wi­th street clea­ners/rub­bi­sh col­lec­tors to re­de­si­gn their equi­p­ment and wi­th sho­p­kee­pers to re­de­si­gn their si­gns (pho­to), as well as re­sear­ch on the crea­tion out of di­scar­ded ob­jec­ts

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