La nor­ma­li­tà dell’abi­ta­re

The Nor­ma­li­ty of Li­ving

Abitare - - BOO­STER -

Una map­pa­tu­ra in­ter­na­zio­na­le di abi­ta­zio­ni in­di­pen­den­ti rea­liz­za­te tra il 2002 e il 2014, in gra­do di da­re con­to del­le ul­ti­me mul­ti­for­mi e va­rie­ga­te ten­den­ze in que­sto cam­po. Que­sta edi­zio­ne ag­gior­na­ta di Ca­se uni­fa­mi­lia­ri. Te­mi di ar­chi­tet­tu­ra di Gior­gio Ber­sa­no si pre­sen­ta co­me un ve­ro e pro­prio ma­nua­le vi­si­vo di sup­por­to ope­ra­ti­vo agli ar­chi­tet­ti: un’an­to­lo­gia che met­te in fi­la 56 ca­si em­ble­ma­ti­ci, se­le­zio­na­ti tra le di­ver­se mi­glia­ia pre­se in esa­me, trat­te da ri­vi­ste di set­to­re, pub­bli­ca­zio­ni spe­ci­fi­che e pa­gi­ne web de­di­ca­te. L’esi­to fi­na­le è un gi­ro del mon­do dall’Au­stra­lia al Bra­si­le, dal­la Ci­na al­la Tur­chia, da­gli Usa al Giap­po­ne e na­tu­ral­men­te at­tra­ver­so mol­ti Pae­si eu­ro­pei, sud­di­vi­so in tre ma­cro se­zio­ni: ca­se sin­go­le con­fi­gu­ra­te per es­se­re in­se­ri­te nel den­so tes­su­to ur­ba­no, lo­ca­liz­za­te in pe­ri­fe­ria o com­ple­ta­men­te im­mer­se nel­la na­tu­ra. Con un oc­chio al­la glo­ba­liz­za­zio­ne ma sen­za di­men­ti­ca­re le con­nes­sio­ni e le ri­va­lu­ta­zio­ni del­le di­ver­se tra­di­zio­na­li lo­ca­li, Ber­sa­no met­te a pun­to una car­rel­la­ta vo­lu­ta­men­te age­rar­chi­ca tra ope­re di ar­chi­star, pro­get­ti­sti emer­gen­ti o ap­pe­na af­fac­cia­ti­si al­la pro­fes­sio­ne, in mo­do da rap­pre­sen­ta­re non so­lo le ar­chi­tet­tu­re straor­di­na­rie, ma so­prat­tut­to le “nor­ma­li­tà” dell’abi­ta­re quo­ti­dia­no. (IG) An in­ter­na­tio­nal map­ping of de­ta­ched hou­ses built bet­ween 2002 and 2014, able to pre­sent a pic­tu­re of the la­te­st mul­ti­fa­rious and di­ver­se ten­den­cies in this field. This up­da­ted edi­tion of Ca­se uni­fa­mi­lia­ri. Te­mi d’ar­chi­tet­tu­ra by Gior­gio Ber­sa­no ta­kes the form of a ge­nui­ne vi­sual hand­book of re­fe­ren­ce for ar­chi­tec­ts: an an­tho­lo­gy that li­nes up 56 em­ble­ma­tic hou­ses, se­lec­ted from the se­ve­ral thou­sand exa­mi­ned, dra­wn from spe­cia­li­st ma­ga­zi­nes, spe­ci­fic pu­bli­ca­tions and de­di­ca­ted web­pa­ges. The end re­sult is a world tour ta­king in Au­stra­lia and Bra­zil, Chi­na and Tur­key, the USA and Ja­pan and of cour­se pas­sing th­rou­gh ma­ny Eu­ro­pean coun­tries. It is split in­to th­ree main sec­tions: in­di­vi­dual hou­ses con­fi­gu­red for in­ser­tion in­to den­se ur­ban fa­bric, lo­ca­ted on the ou­tskirts or com­ple­te­ly im­mer­sed in na­tu­re. Wi­th an eye to glo­ba­li­za­tion but wi­thout igno­ring the con­nec­tions wi­th and reap­prai­sals of va­rious lo­cal tra­di­tions, Ber­sa­no of­fers a de­li­be­ra­te­ly no­n­hie­rar­chi­cal over­view, mo­ving free­ly bet­ween the works of star­chi­tec­ts, up-and co­ming de­si­gners and peo­ple ju­st en­te­ring the pro­fes­sion, so that he does not ju­st show us ex­traor­di­na­ry works of ar­chi­tec­tu­re but abo­ve all re­flec­ts the “nor­ma­li­ty” of dai­ly li­ving

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