La per­ce­zio­ne di sé

The Per­cep­tion of One­self

Abitare - - Visioni Del Futuro -

Co­no­sci te stes­so. Lo di­ce­va­no gli an­ti­chi, ma co­sì la pen­sa an­che Ma­sa­hi­ko Sa­to, do­cen­te al­la To­kyo Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts, in­vi­ta­to da Is­sey Miya­ke a espor­re il pro­get­to My fir­st ti­me:

know your­self li­ke ne­ver be­fo­re ne­gli spa­zi del­lo sho­w­room mi­la­ne­se. Esper­to di neu­ro­scien­ze, ar­ti mul­ti­me­dia­li, ani­ma­zio­ne e pro­get­ta­zio­ne gra­fi­ca, Sa­to si af­fi­da al­le tec­no­lo­gie più in­no­va­ti­ve, ca­pa­ci di ri­ve­la­re aspet­ti di noi stes­si di cui non ab­bia­mo pie­na con­sa­pe­vo­lez­za. Tre in­stal­la­zio­ni in­te­rat­ti­ve pen­sa­te per sti­mo­la­re l’im­ma­gi­na­zio­ne e l’emo­ti­vi­tà, per esem­pio li­be­ran­do la pro­pria im­pron­ta di­gi­ta­le in una “pi­sci­na” com­po­sta da due gran­di mo­ni­tor per poi ri­chia­mar­la a sé in qual­sia­si mo­men­to; op­pu­re guar­dan­do, at­tra­ver­so uno spe­cia­le bi­no­co­lo, una ver­sio­ne di sé stes­si dal­la pro­spet­ti­va di un estra­neo; o an­co­ra, pro­van­do l’emo­zio­ne di an­da­re in al­ta­le­na uni­ca­men­te con la spin­ta del pro­prio di­to. Con­clu­de la mo­stra una col­le­zio­ne di vi­deo rea­liz­za­ti da Ma­sa­hi­ko Sa­to tra cui quel­lo de­di­ca­to al­la ri­vo­lu­zio­na­ria col­le­zio­ne A-POC di Miya­ke.

Know your­self - as they used to say in the old days - is al­so a phi­lo­so­phy shared by Ma­sa­hi­ko Sa­to, who lec­tu­res in the To­kyo Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts. Sa­to has been in­vi­ted by Is­sey Miya­ke to di­splay his My Fir­st Ti­me: Know Your­self Li­ke Ne­ver Be­fo­re pro­ject in the spa­ces of the Mi­lan sho­w­room. An ex­pert in neu­ro­scien­ces, mul­ti­me­dia arts, ani­ma­tion and gra­phic de­si­gn, Sa­to dra­ws on the mo­st in­no­va­ti­ve tech­no­lo­gies that are ca­pa­ble of re­vea­ling things about us that we we­re not com­ple­te­ly aware of. Th­ree in­te­rac­ti­ve in­stal­la­tions he­re are de­si­gned to sti­mu­la­te the ima­gi­na­tion and arou­se emo­tions, as wi­th the ex­pe­rien­ce of lea­ving a fin­ger­print in a “pool” ma­de up of two lar­ge mo­ni­tors whi­ch can be re­trie­ved at any ti­me; or of loo­king th­rou­gh a spe­cial pair of bi­no­cu­lars to see a ver­sion of your­self from the per­spec­ti­ve of so­meo­ne el­se; or in­deed the emo­tion of sit­ting on a play­ground swing and pu­shing your­self wi­th no­thing but your own fin­ger. The ex­hi­bi­tion ends wi­th a col­lec­tion of vi­deos ma­de by Ma­sa­hi­ko Sa­to in­clu­ding the one on Miya­ke’s re­vo­lu­tio­na­ry A-POC col­lec­tion.

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