Vi­sio­ni del fu­tu­ro

Visions of the Fu­tu­re

Abitare - - Sommario - txt ste­fa­no be­ne­det­ti

| Le in­stal­la­zio­ni so­no da sem­pre frut­to del­la ri­cer­ca più li­be­ra al Fuo­risa­lo­ne. Il pub­bli­co ama la­sciar­si stu­pi­re e far­si tra­spor­ta­re in di­men­sio­ni oni­ri­che. Que­st’an­no so­no pro­ta­go­ni­sti l’im­ma­te­ria­le e l’im­pos­si­bi­le / In­stal­la­tions ha­ve al­ways been the out­co­me of the mo­st in­di­pen­dent re­sear­ch at the Fuo­risa­lo­ne. The pu­blic lo­ve to be wo­wed in dream li­ke worlds. This year’s of­fe­rings are all about the im­ma­te­rial and the im­pos­si­ble

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