I più in­te­res­san­ti de­si­gners dell’ultima ge­ne­ra­zio­ne al Sa­lo­ne del Mo­bi­le /

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The new ge­ne­ra­tion of de­si­gners at the Mi­lan Fur­ni­tu­re Fair.

Il de­si­gn di Tom­ma­so Cal­de­ra ha qua­li­tà che van­no as­sa­po­ra­te e com­pre­se len­ta­men­te per­ché frut­to di un per­so­na­le la­vo­ro di sot­tra­zio­ne cui sot­to­po­ne ogni og­get­to. Le­vi­ga­re e smus­sa­re per con­fe­ri­re es­sen­zia­li­tà: co­me nel­la nuo­va pol­tron­ci­na loun­ge per Chairs & Mo­re, in tes­su­to dop­pio ab­bi­na­bi­le a pia­ce­re, che si ag­giun­ge al­la fa­mi­glia Mous­se di cui rie­cheg­gia lo sti­le ar­ro­ton­da­to. La vo­ca­zio­ne di in­du­strial de­si­gner lo por­ta al­la di­re­zio­ne ar­ti­sti­ca dall’azien­da SF, spe­cia­liz­za­ta in con­tract (due ca­ta­lo­ghi, lo stand in fie­ra, l’im­ma­gi­ne coor­di­na­ta). Con que­st’ultima, nel di­stret­to friu­la­no d’ec­cel­len­za per il le­gno, ha svi­lup­pa­to tre nuo­ve col­le­zio­ni che ve­dre­mo al Sa­lo­ne mi­la­ne­se. So­no il frut­to di un ac­cu­ra­to la­vo­ro con gli ar­ti­gia­ni che si tra­du­ce in un in­sie­me ele­gan­te di se­du­te, do­ve il gio­co del­le pro­por­zio­ni e una sa­pien­te rilet­tu­ra del­le ti­po­lo­gie tra­di­zio­na­li fan­no il re­sto. E al Fuo­risa­lo­ne espor­rà Mi­na, la nuo­va se­dia per bi­strò per In­ter­noi­ta­lia­no: di­men­sio­ni com­pat­te, le­gno mas­sel­lo e ton­di­no di me­tal­lo in un eser­ci­zio di sin­te­si de­cli­na­to in una dop­pia ver­sio­ne (in­ter­no ed ester­no).

The designs of Tom­ma­so Cal­de­ra ha­ve qua­li­ties that need to be sa­vou­red and ta­ken in slo­w­ly be­cau­se they are the re­sult of his ef­forts to re­mo­ve ma­te­rial from eve­ry ob­ject he ma­kes. This is about smoo­thing things do­wn. His new loun­ge chair for Chairs

& Mo­re, in dual fa­bric that can be com­bi­ned as pre­fer­red, now joins the Mous­se fa­mi­ly, who­se roun­ded sty­le it echoes. His ta­len­ts as an in­du­strial de­si­gner led to him be­co­ming art di­rec­tor of SF, a firm that spe­cia­li­ses in con­tract work (two ca­ta­lo­gues, a stand at the fair, a coor­di­na­ted ima­ge). Wi­th this firm, in the Friuli ma­nu­fac­tu­ring di­strict fa­mous for its wood­wor­king ac­ti­vi­ties, he has de­ve­lo­ped th­ree new col­lec­tions whi­ch will be on show at the Fur­ni­tu­re Fair. They are the re­sult of me­ti­cu­lous work do­ne wi­th ar­ti­sans and trans­la­te in­to an ele­gant set of chairs, on whi­ch the in­ter­play of pro­por­tions and a skil­ful rein­ter­pre­ta­tion of tra­di­tio­nal ty­po­lo­gies do the re­st. At the Fuo­risa­lo­ne he will be ex­hi­bi­ting his new bi­stro chair Mi­na for In­ter­noi­ta­lia­no: com­pact in si­ze, it com­bi­nes so­lid wood and me­tal rod in a stu­dy in sim­pli­ci­ty avai­la­ble in two ver­sions (for in­door and out­door use).

1 1 Mous­se, Chairs & Mo­re 2 Mi­na, In­ter­no ita­lia­no 3 SF Col­lec­tion



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