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Dot­to­re di ri­cer­ca in Com­po­si­zio­ne Ar­chi­tet­to­ni­ca al­lo IUAV di Ve­ne­zia e pro­fes­so­re as­so­cia­to in Pro­get­ta­zio­ne Ar­chi­tet­to­ni­ca al Po­li­tec­ni­co di Mi­la­no, ha ap­pro­fon­di­to con Bru­no Rei­chlin la no­zio­ne di cri­ti­ca dell’architettura. Cu­ra­tri­ce di mo­stre, ha pub­bli­ca­to sag­gi e li­bri. All’at­ti­vi­tà di ri­cer­ca af­fian­ca l’at­ti­vi­tà di pro­get­ta­zio­ne. She ear­ned a PhD in Ar­chi­tec­tu­ral Com­po­si­tion at Ve­ni­ce Uni­ver­si­ty (IUAV) and is As­so­cia­te Pro­fes­sor in Ar­chi­tec­tu­ral De­si­gn at Mi­lan Po­ly­tech­nic. She wor­ked wi­th Bru­no Rei­chlin on de­ve­lo­ping the no­tion of ar­chi­tec­tu­ral cri­ti­ci­sm, has cu­ra­ted ex­hi­bi­tions and pu­bli­shed es­says and books. She com­bi­nes her re­sear­ch work wi­th de­si­gn ac­ti­vi­ties.

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