«You wri­te it your­self?».

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I usual­ly start by loo­king at pho­tos to de­ve­lop an idea for a sto­ry, whi­ch leads me to wri­te so­me no­tes about it. Over ti­me I see whi­ch one keeps my at­ten­tion and then I try to wri­te the script. Yes I al­ways wri­te it by my­self. In­deed, I li­ke to ma­ke my boards of pic­tu­res on the walls. Si­mi­lar to what I did as a tee­na­ger in my room when you get to look at things you li­ke and think about ideas. I li­ke to start wi­th mood boards and pic­tu­res, and then star­ting the sto­ry around that. It’s fun to do the ca­sting when you see the dif­fe­rent ac­tors and peo­ple, and how to ma­ke it real­ly co­me to­ge­ther. But I li­ke that mo­ment whe­re you’re ju­st alo­ne wi­th your ideas, whi­ch is dif­fe­rent than actual being on a film set.

What do you think about when you bi­te your nails?

Are the­re to­pics that bo­re you mo­re than de­si­gn?

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