«That de­pends: wi­th the peo­ple clo­se to you the­re should be no thor­ny to­pics that ha­ve to be avoi­ded». «I’m usual­ly ca­re­ful not to ca­st the fir­st sto­ne. But on­ce the ball’s rol­ling I en­joy the ga­me. Al­thou­gh my fa­vo­ri­te con­ver­sa­tion mo­de is of the En­light

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But doe­sn’t your co­de of con­duct sti­pu­la­te that con­tro­ver­sial things should not be di­scus­sed over din­ner?

What about gos­sip?

When that’s the ca­se, do you ta­ke char­ge of li­ve­ning up the eve­ning?

We­re you li­ke that when you we­re 18 years old, too?

How would you de­fi­ne your up­brin­ging?

Did your pa­ren­ts sti­fle you or fa­wn on you?

Was he the ty­pe that me­tes out se­ve­re pu­nish­men­ts?

What was the mo­st im­por­tant les­son you lear­ned from your fa­ther?

Whi­ch is dif­fe­rent from being a snob.

What apt la­bel do tho­se who know you well as­si­gn to you?

What cre­den­tials are re­qui­red to be the way you are? What can you get away wi­th that a non-spe­cia­li­st would ne­ver da­re to try?

In 1986, at the start of your ca­reer, you couldn’t af­ford su­ch whims.

What job would you swap for yours?

Are you at­trac­ted by he­do­ni­sm wi­thout com­mit­ment?

So it’s no coin­ci­den­ce that you don’t wear a wed­ding ring.

What’s that han­d­ker­chief you al­ways wear? A sort of blos­som?

Whi­ch are?

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