«That is what I do. Ever sin­ce we ha­ve tran­sfor­med in­to elec­tro­nic Ho­mo sa­piens our li­ves are sha­red wi­th an ex­cess of in­for­ma­tion. I real­ly li­ke the idea that the things I ma­ke are si­lent. My de­si­gn, when pos­si­ble, should hun­ch do­wn and lie in wait».

AD (Italy) - - Englishtexts. -

The­re is al­so al­ways so­me­thing “wrong” in the ob­jec­ts you de­si­gn. They are so subtle one might think you would pre­fer for them almost not to exi­st, in their en­vi­ron­ment.

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