P.134 Glimp­ses of wa­ter

AD (Italy) - - Storie. -

Fre­scoes, stuc­co­work, fi­re­pla­ces, 700 years of hi­sto­ry. The ri­sk of atro­phy was real, in this apart­ment from the la­te 1300s on the Ar­no ri­ver­front. In­stead, the pro­ject by the ar­chi­tect Mi­che­le Bönan tran­sforms the spa­ces in­to an eclec­tic mix­tu­re whe­re no­thing is left to chan­ce, no­thing is su­per­fluous. «It all be­gan, as usual, wi­th the box», Bönan ex­plains. A splen­did one, in this ca­se, but al­rea­dy in­ha­bi­ted, con­tai­ning an ama­zing quan­ti­ty of im­por­tant works of art (the true pro­ta­go­nists of the hou­se) that nee­ded sui­ta­ble pla­ce­ment. The fir­st step was to re­mo­ve what didn’t work in the ove­rall har­mo­ny. Mu­ch was di­scar­ded, so­me­thing re­mai­ned, wi­th a

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