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Com­mu­ting need not be stres­sful. Espe­cial­ly if the trip is bet­ween Na­ples and Ca­pri. Er­man­no Za­ni­ni is the ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger of the Ca­pri Pa­la­ce Ho­tel & Spa and ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of the Do­gus Lu­xu­ry Ho­tel Col­lec­tion. «Al­ways being in mo­tion», he says, «has ma­de me a ci­ti­zen of the world, and has gi­ven me a chan­ce to ap­pre­cia­te being at ho­me, in a pla­ce li­ke Na­ples, wi­th my lo­ved ones. My wi­fe and I ha­ve cho­sen a li­near apart­ment in Po­sil­li­po, a quiet pla­ce, sur­roun­ded by gree­ne­ry. The de­si­gn is the re­sult of an en­coun­ter in Ca­pri wi­th the ar­chi­tect Giu­lia­no An­drea dell’Uva. I was at the ho­me of friends, re­cen­tly re­no­va­ted, and I was im­pres­sed, sin­ce I knew the lay­out of the hou­se be­fo­re Dell’Uva chan­ged it. We had the fee­ling that he could bring out the true spi­rit of our hou­se. He has trans­la­ted our pas­sions, in a ba­lan­ced re­spon­se to all our needs». The lar­ge open li­ving area cros­ses the who­le buil­ding. Tech­no­lo­gi­cal but al­so soft, it wel­co­mes a fi­ne blend of craf­ts and art.

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