Ria­pre, do­po quat­tro an­ni, l’HÔ­TEL DE CRIL­LON gra­zie a un ca­st stel­la­to di de­si­gner. In­clu­so Karl La­ger­feld.

AD (Italy) - - Sommario. - Words ELENA DALLORSO – pho­tos MAS­SI­MO LISTRI

Do­po quat­tro an­ni ria­pre l’Hô­tel de Cril­lon di PARIGI, sto­ri­co al­ber­go che co­niu­ga gran­deur e ospi­ta­li­tà.

Art de vi­vre. so­pra: uno dei lo­ghi ori­gi­na­li dell’Hô­tel de Cril­lon, A Ro­sewood Ho­tel, sul­le por­te d’in­gres­so, ri­ma­ste im­mu­ta­te an­che do­po la ri­strut­tu­ra­zio­ne. a si­ni­stra: la fac­cia­ta dell’Hô­tel de Cril­lon, co­strui­to da An­ge-Jac­ques Ga­briel nel 1758. a de­stra: il bar Les Am­bas­sa­deurs, ope­ra del de­si­gner Cha­han Mi­nas­sian. La scul­tu­ra è di Oli­vier Stre­bel­le.

It ta­kes cou­ra­ge to ap­proa­ch the re­ge­ne­ra­tion of a legend of Pa­ris, one of the two buil­dings or­de­red by Louis XV to ma­ke one si­de of Pla­ce de la Con­cor­de, com­mis­sio­ned to An­ge-Jac­ques Ga­briel, au­thor of the Pe­tit Tria­non and the mo­st suc­ces­sful ar­chi­tect in the king­dom back in 1758. A ma­gni­fi­cent exam­ple of Fren­ch neo­clas­si­ci­sm, wi­th its Co­rin­thian co­lon­na­de and sculp­tu­res by Cou­stou, the fa­ca­de of Hô­tel de Cril­lon (ju­st reo­pe­ned af­ter four years of work, ma­na­ged by Ro­sewood Ho­tels & Re­sorts) is a national monument, whe­re se­ve­ral spaces and a lar­ge stair­ca­se ha­ve re­mai­ned in­tact. «The mar­ble, mir­rors and pe­riod rooms are the sa­me, but the at­mo­sphe­re has chan­ged», says the art di­rec­tor Ali­ne Asmar d’Am­man, of the stu­dio Cul­tu­re in Ar­chi­tec­tu­re ba­sed in Pa­ris and Le­ba­non, who coor­di­na­ted the in­te­rior designers Tri­stan Auer, Cha­han Mi­nas­sian, Cy­ril Ver­gniol and Karl La­ger­feld. The lat­ter did the de­cor in 18th-cen­tu­ry sty­le, but wi­th in­no­va­ti­ve twists, of the two sui­tes fa­cing Pla­ce de la Con­cor­de, kno­wn as “Les Grands Ap­par­te­men­ts”: cream, mau­ve and pea­ch (wi­th floors in black and whi­te mar­ble) are the to­nes cho­sen by La­ger­feld to go wi­th the light gray walls. Tri­stan Auer has reor­ga­ni­zed all the ground floor spaces wi­th a new, mo­re in­ti­ma­te con­cept, from the check-in to the con­cier­ge de­sk, a ci­gar room, a bar­ber­shop (Bar­ber by La Bar­biè­re de Pa­ris) and a hair­dres­ser (Hair Sa­lon by Da­vid Lu­cas), not to men­tion the Bras­se­rie d’Au­mont and the L’Ecrin re­stau­rant. Cha­han Mi­nas­sian has ta­ken a “re­si­den­tial” ap­proa­ch to the 5-star ho­tel: the Les Am­bas­sa­deurs bar in the Ro­co­co room, a tea­room in the win­ter gar­den, an un­der­ground swim­ming pool whi­ch thanks to the light that en­ters from the vi­vid cour­tyards crea­ted by land­sca­pe ar­chi­tect Louis Be­ne­ch, avoids the gloom that of­ten im­pac­ts ba­se­ment zo­nes. The­re are 114 rooms (in­clu­ding 33 sui­tes) de­co­ra­ted by Cy­ril Ver­gniol, who has fil­led the 18th-cen­tu­ry shell wi­th con­stant re­fe­ren­ces to modern and con­tem­po­ra­ry de­si­gn. The ar­chi­tect Ri­chard Mar­ti­net hand­led the hi­sto­ri­cal re­sto­ra­tion, in­clu­ding the fa­ca­de and the lar­ge halls on the se­cond floor, the Sa­lon Ma­rie-An­toi­net­te, Sa­lon des Ba­tail­les and Sa­lon des Ai­gles wi­th its ve­ne­ra­ble six-me­ter cei­lings.

te­sto di ELENA DALLORSO fo­to­gra­fie di MAS­SI­MO LISTRI

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