Eco­friend­ly lu­xu­ry near Trie­ste

Area Wellness - - Case History -

For the new Por­to­pic­co­lo spe­cial at­ten­tion was ma­de in or­der to gua­ran­tee its goal to be en­ti­re­ly eco­friend­ly. It took ma­ny years, chan­ges in ow­ner­ship and pro­ject along wi­th a ge­ne­rous in­vest­ment of over 400 mil­lion eu­ro to re­qua­li­fy and re­no­va­te the bea­ch­front vil­la­ge. It was the Ril­ke Real-esta­te Fund that was able to com­ple­te the ta­sk but on­ly af­ter pur­cha­sing the ma­jo­ri­ty share from the real esta­te com­pa­ny of Udi­ne, Riz­za­ni De Ec­cher. They we­re able to fi­ni­sh the 454 ele­gant re­si­den­ces, ter­ra­ced hou­ses and vil­las, over 60% of whi­ch ha­ve al­rea­dy been sold to Ita­lians and fo­rei­gners. The­se beau­ti­ful spa­cious va­ca­tion ho­mes all fa­ce the sea and the sur­roun­ding ma­ri­na whi­ch can hou­se up to 121 24m ya­ch­ts. The quaint vil­la­ge al­so has a lu­xu­ry ho­tel, Fa­le­sia Re­sort who­se lar­ge SPA, Con­gress Cen­ter, sto­res, re­stau­ran­ts, bea­ch club and th­ree pools real­ly com­ple­te the pro­ject. The en­ti­re com­plex co­vers 35 acres and is per­fec­tly in li­ne wi­th the con­tem­po­ra­ry trends, a hu­ge ef­fort in fact has been ma­de to en­su­re that the en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact is mi­ni­mal and to re­sto­re and main­tain the sur­roun­ding na­tu­re re­ser­ve. Wi­thin the vil­la­ge mo­ving about is mo­stly pe­de­strian wi­th the oc­ca­sio­nal quiet elec­tric cars zip­ping around ca­sual­ly. The ar­chi­tect An­dreas Ki­par was cal­led in to de­si­gn the green ter­ra­ces and roof­top gar­dens. La­st April was a mo­nu­men­tal mon­th as the new SPA was un­vei­led; this ad­di­tio­nal lu­xu­rious fea­tu­re to the al­rea­dy ele­gant vil­la­ge was de­si­gned by the Al­ber­to Apo­sto­li Ar­chi­tec­tu­ral Stu­dio. The spa­ce is de­ve­lo­ped on th­ree le­vels along wi­th a sub­ter­ra­nean one that is ex­clu­si­ve­ly used as a par­king area and for ser­vi­ce fa­ci­li­ties; the en­ti­re spa­ce is over 3600sqm. The con­cept was to ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge and hi­ghlight the in­cre­di­ble na­tu­ral cliffs that li­ne the coa­st, al­ter­na­ting the lo­cal sto­ne wi­th glass win­do­ws. This par­ti­cu­lar so­lu­tion ma­kes for a lighter at­mo­sphe­re, the guests feel li­ke they are pla­ced di­rec­tly wi­thin the gulf whi­le al­so ap­pre­cia­ting the brea­th­ta­king views. The strong fo­cus on the well­ness aspect is felt th­rou­ghout the en­ti­re struc­tu­re, ma­king for a col­lec­ti­ve ap­proa­ch to the phe­no­me­non, star­ting from the pu­blic ground floor to the mo­re pri­va­te en­clo­sed spa­ces on the other le­vels.

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