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Per­fec­tly lo­ca­ted in the heart of Mu­ni­ch’s old to­wn Man­da­rin Orien­tal Mu­ni­ch is sur­roun­ded by the Sta­te Ope­ra, the fa­mous Hof­brau­haus and the ex­clu­si­ve Ma­xi­mi­lian shop­ping mi­le. So­me of the fi­ne­st re­stau­ran­ts, bou­le­vard ca­fés, art gal­le­ries and tra­di­tio­nal gour­met mar­ke­ts are ju­st a sto­ne’s th­row away. Wi­thin this li­ve­ly, cul­tu­ral and en­ti­cing en­vi­ron­ment, Man­da­rin Orien­tal Mu­ni­ch marks a sym­bio­sis of the clas­sic sty­le of Neo-re­nais­san­ce and tra­di­tio­nal Ba­va­rian ele­gan­ce, com­bi­ned wi­th con­tem­po­ra­ry lu­xu­ry. Built in 1880, ori­gi­nal­ly ho­sting the ci­ty’s ball­room, the Neo-re­nais­san­ce buil­ding be­ca­me a ho­tel in 1990 and was ope­ra­ted by the Ra­fael Ho­tel Group be­fo­re Man­da­rin Orien­tal Ho­tel Group took over in 2000. In 2015, the ho­tel on­ce again un­der­li­ned its po­si­tion as Mu­ni­ch’s lea­ding lu­xu­ry ho­tel: wi­thin an ex­ten­si­ve ni­ne-mon­th re­fur­bish­ment of all pu­blic areas, Man­da­rin Orien­tal Mu­ni­ch un­vei­led a re­fur­bi­shed en­tran­ce area and the lob­by “The Loun­ge”, as well as the new bar “31” and the re­stau­rant “Ma­tsu­hi­sa, Mu­ni­ch”. Ea­ch of the ho­tel’s 48 spa­cious gue­st rooms and 25 sui­tes has been in­di­vi­dual­ly fur­ni­shed and de­co­ra­ted pro­vi­ding bo­th com­fort and ele­gan­ce whil­st of­fe­ring the la­te­st in sta­te-of-the-art tech­no­lo­gy that has found its way in­to the mar­ble ba­th­rooms wi­th flat screens and mo­dern sprin­kler sy­stems. The ho­tel’s de­si­gned fit­ness and well­ness cen­ter is lo­ca­ted on the ground floor, a per­so­nal trai­ner is boo­ka­ble on in­di­vi­dual re­que­st th­rou­gh the con­cier­ge. A new SPA will be built in the next years, in a new buil­ding across the street as an ex­ten­sion of the cur­rent ho­tel buil­ding, to full­fill the client’s ex­pec­ta­tions th­rou­gh the Man­da­rin Orien­tal’s sty­le and ex­pe­rien­ce.

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