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They of­ten go hand in hand: the pas­sion for paint­ings and that de­sire to ex­plore the well trod­den paths of a world that has all but dis­ap­peared, to find the most im­por­tant auc­tion houses in the world, gath­er­ing bar­gains and valu­ables with op­por­tu­ni­ties for a safe in­vest­ment. On sale at the Lon­don auc­tion house of Bon­hams is a 89x137.5 cm work de­pict­ing “The Pi­azza San Marco” in Venice, an oil on can­vas that is com­pa­ra­ble with works of clas­si­cal Vene­tian Ve­dutism with the Ar­ca­dian sen­ti­men­tal­ism of a static land­scape. Painted by Gio­vanni Bat­tista Ci­maroli, an eigh­teenth-cen­tury painter from Bres­cia, who moved firstly to Venice and then to Eng­land, it has an es­ti­mate of £80/120,000 and is auc­tioned in Bon­hams’ De­cem­ber (5th) sale. No con­nec­tion, of course, to Raf­faello Sanzio (Raphael) and his aux­il­iary cartoon of the “Aux­il­iary cartoon for the Head of a Young Apos­tle” (1519-20), which, with an es­ti­mate of £10-15 mil­lion and com­ing from the col­lec­tion of the Duke of Devon­shire, at­tract plenty of at­ten­tion in the sale in Lon­don ( also 5th De­cem­ber) at Sotheby’s. This beau­ti­ful draw­ing demon­strates the work that the mas­ter from Urbino car­ried out to per­fect shad­ing, the poses and light­ing for a fig­ure in the “Trans­fig­u­ra­tion“, which was com­mis­sioned by Car­di­nal Gi­ulio de’ Medici be­tween 1516 and 1517: 375 x 278 mm of charm. The paint­ing “View of the Campi Fle­grei”, at­trib­uted to Hen­drik Voogd, with its muted colours and el­e­gant style, and an es­ti­mate of €40,000/50,000, was sold for €51,440, con­firm­ing the high qual­ity of­fers of Farsetti Arte of Prato, who, from a dis­tance, keeps watch on Christie’s of New York. With an es­ti­mate of US$4/6,000,000, the crowded court scene of “The ar­rival of Henry III at Villa Con­tarini”, oil on can­vas (71.7x106.7), in which Gi­ambat­tista Tiepolo paid homage to the visit of the French sov­er­eign on his re­turn to Paris from Poland, was sold by the auc­tion house for US$5,906,500. Em­pa­thy for the hu­man con­di­tion is, in­stead, seen through “A man in a gor­get and cap“(The Pi­eter and Olga Dreesmann Col­lec­tion), a sev­en­teenth-cen­tury mas­ter­piece in which, with re­al­is­tic por­trai­ture and psy­cho­log­i­cal in­tu­ition, Rem­brandt Har­men­szoon van Rijn cel­e­brates the splen­dour of the Dutch Golden Age. The oil on ebony wood board work was sold for £8,441,250 (€10,492,474), against an es­ti­mate of £8/12,000,000, at the Old Masters & Bri­tish Paint­ings Evening Auc­tion at Christie’s Lon­don (July 2012). In the tra­di­tion of Va­len­ci­ennes’ paysage his­torique and pay­ing homage to In­gres, the trans­par­ently il­lu­mi­nated fig­ures in “The in­fancy of Bac­chus” (1835 circa) by Lancelot-Théodore Turpin de Crissé re­veals his del­i­cate tech­nique. This oil on can­vas work is pro­posed by Porro & C. Art Con­sult­ing with a es­ti­mate of €90/110,000. Pan­dolfini Casa d'Aste of Florence, in­stead, re­cently sold for €85,000 (against an es­ti­mate of €10/15,000), a sev­en­teenth-cen­tury oil on can­vas work, 180 x 124 cm, de­pict­ing a very young “St. John the Bap­tist” cloaked in a red drape with lamb ram­pant by the Cir­cle of Mas­simo Stanzione, to­gether with an Ar­ca­dian tri­umph por­tray­ing a grand nat­u­ral arch of cedar, or­ange and lemon trees strewn with roses, lilies, car­na­tions and vases of tulip over a floor of blue and white majolica with danc­ing putti ex­tolling the virtues of a cre­ation im­bued with aro­mas, colours and per­fumes en­ti­tled “Monumental gar­den with putti, flow­ers, cit­rus trees and grotto with foun­tain” oil on can­vas, 180.5 x 233,5 cm, by Gio­van Bat­tista Ruop­polo (1629-1693), one of the main ex­po­nents of Neapoli­tan Baro­questyle still life paint­ings, be­tween Dec­o­ra­tivism and Brueghel, which from an

es­ti­mate of €50/70,000 reached €106,250. But it is the Vi­en­nese auc­tion house Dorotheum, with a cat­a­logue of 800 Old Mas­ter Paint­ings that achieved a to­tal sale price of 7 mil­lion euro at the end of Oc­to­ber, which con­firms the trend of favour­ing qual­ity, the state of preser­va­tion and prove­nance of the works of great masters with a “pedi­gree”, par­tic­u­larly if Ital­ian or Flem­ish. Such as in the case of “Char­ity”, oil on can­vas, 138.5 x 172.5 cm, es­ti­mate €200-300,000 and sold for €317,500, which with its Madonna hold­ing a suck­ling Baby Je­sus, re­veals the re­fined art of Gio­vanni Francesco Bar­bieri, “il Guer­cino”, or Jan Brueghel II and Hen­drick van Balen, the joy­ous and crowded “Al­le­gory of the Five Senses”, es­ti­mated at €180/200,000 and sold for €303,930; Theodor van Loon, “Si­nite Parvu­los”, oil on can­vas, 136 x 177 cm sold for €215,380; Lorenzo Lippi, “The Tri­umph of David”, oil on can­vas, 127 x 98.5 cm, es­ti­mated at €120/150,000 and sold at april for €869,800. The art of the old masters has a fu­ture.

Open­ing. Theodor van Loon, "Si­nite Parvu­los", (Dorotheum). Left, above. Hen­drik Voogd (as­sign­ment),"View of the Campi Fle­grei", (Farsetti Arte). Left, down. Cir­cle of Mas­simo Stanzione, “St. John the Bap­tist”, (Pan­dolfini Casa d'Aste). Left, bot­tom right.

In aper­tura. Theodor van Loon, "Si­nite Parvu­los", (Dorotheum). Sin­is­tra in alto. Hen­drik Voogd (attr.), "Vista dei Campi Fle­grei", (Farsetti Arte). Sin­is­tra, in basso. Cer­chia di Mas­simo Stanzione, "San Gio­vanni Bat­tista", (Pan­dolfini Casa d'Aste). Sin­is­tra, in basso a des­tra. Lancelot-Théodore Turpin de Crissé, "L’in­fanzia di Bacco", (Porro & C. Art Con­sult­ing). Des­tra. Gio­vanni Bat­tista Ci­maroli, "Pi­azza San Marco", (Bon­hams).

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