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Mi­glio­ri ae­ro­por­ti d’Eu­ro­pa e low- co­st The best European and low- co­st air­ports


Ipas­seg­ge­ri han­no pro­cla­ma­to “Mi­glior Aeroporto in Eu­ro­pa” l’Aeroporto di Monaco pre­mia­to al “Sky­trax World Air­por t Awards 2014” te­nu­to­si pres­so il Ter­mi­nal Pas­seg­ge­ri Ex­po a Bar­cel­lo­na. L’Hub ba­va­re­se è sta­to se­le­zio­na­to come mi­glio­re ae­ro­por to d’Eu­ro­pa per la set­ti­ma vol­ta e ter­zo nel mon­do, in­fi­ne si è clas­si­fi­ca­to al se­con­do po­sto in tre ca­te­go­rie spe­ci­fi­che: “Ri­sto­ra­zio­ne ae­ro­por tua­le”, “Com­for t del Ter­mi­nal e tem­po li­be­ro” e “Vip Ter­mi­nals”. Ne­gli ul­ti­mi an­ni, con questi ri­sul­ta­ti ec­ce­zio­na­li, l’ae­ro­por to ha nuo­va­men­te mi­glio­ra­to la sua ec­cel­len­te po­si­zio­ne in clas­si­fi­ca. Com­men­tan­do il suc­ces­so dell’Ae­ro­por to di Monaco, Edward Plai­sted, Di­ret­to­re di Sky­trax, ha spe­ci­fi­ca­to che “l’Aeroporto di Monaco of­fre ai pas­seg­ge­ri un’espe­rien­za di viag­gio uni­ca in Eu­ro­pa, com­bi­nan­do il de­si­gn innovativo all’at­ten­zio­ne per i det­ta­gli che han­no re­so l’ae­ro­sta­zio­ne

At the “Sky trax World Air­por t Awards 2014” held at the Pas­sen­ger Ter­mi­nal Ex­po in Bar­ce­lo­na, pas­sen­gers pro­clai­med Mu­ni­ch Airport “Europe’s Best Airport”. The Ba­va­rian hub was selected as Europe’s best air­por t for the se­ven­th time and third in the world ta­king se­cond pla­ce in three in­di­vi­dual ca­te­go­ries: “Air­por t di­ning”, “Ter­mi­nal com­for t and lei­su­re ame­ni­ties” and “Vip Ter­mi­nals”. With the ou­tstan­ding re­sul­ts, the air­por t again im­pro­ved on its ex­cel­lent ran­kings of re­cent years. Com­men­ting on the suc­cess of Mu­ni­ch Air­por t, Edward Plai­sted, the di­rec­tor of Sky trax, said “Mu­ni­ch Airport of­fers air tra­ve­lers so­me­thing of a unique experience in Europe, com­bi­ning in­no­va­ti­ve de­si­gn and at­ten­tion to de­tail that has seen the airport tru­ly be­co­me an en­joya­ble part of the tra­vel experience”.

una par­te ve­ra­men­te pia­ce­vo­le dell’in­te­ra espe­rien­za di viag­gio”. La clas­si­fi­ca de­gli ae­ro­por ti Top 5 in tut­to il mon­do, in or­di­ne, è: l’Ae­ro­por to Chan­gi di Sin­ga­po­re, l’Ae­ro­por to In­ter­na­zio­na­le di In­cheon ( Co­rea del Sud), l’Ae­ro­por to di Monaco, l’Ae­ro­por to In­ter­na­zio­na­le di Hong Kong e l’Ae­ro­por to di Am­ster­dam Schi­phol. Lon­don Stan­sted Airport è sta­to no­mi­na­to come “Mi­glior Aeroporto Low- Co­st nel Mon­do” al “Sky­trax World Air­por t Awards 2014”. Il quar to ae­ro­por to più traf­fi­ca­to del Re­gno Uni­to vin­ce il pre­mio per il quar to an­no con­se­cu­ti­vo. Al­la ce­ri­mo­nia di Bar­cel­lo­na, l’Am­mi­ni­stra­to­re De­le­ga­to di Stan­sted, An­drew Har­ri­son, ha spe­ci­fi­ca­to: “è un ri­sul­ta­to fan­ta­sti­co e un mo­men­to di gran­de or­go­glio per tutti a Stan­sted. L’aeroporto è sta­to al cen­tro dei vo­li low- co­st ri­vo­lu­zio­nan­do il tu­ri­smo ne­gli ul­ti­mi 15 an­ni e que­sto pre­mio di­mo­stra che sia­mo an­co­ra il lea­der mon­dia­le in­di­scus­so a ser­vi­re que­sto set­to­re ae­reo in cre­sci­ta. Stan­sted è tor­na­to a cre­sce­re nel cor­so dell’ul­ti­mo an­no ed ha an­co­ra ab­ba­stan­za spa­zio per cre­sce­re con un im­por­tan­te in­ve­sti­men­to in cor­so che tra­sfor­me­rà il Ter­mi­nal”. Berlin Schö­ne­feld rien­tra nei pri­mi cin­que al se­con­do po­sto, se­gui­to dall’Ae­ro­por to di Lu­ton al ter­zo. L’Ae­ro­por to di Brus­sels Sou­th Char­le­roi rag­giun­ge il quar to po­sto se­gui­to dall’Ae­ro­por to di Kua­la Lum­pur LCCT com­ple­tan­do i pri­mi top 5. L’Ae­ro­por to Frank­fur t- Hahn ( 6°), l’Ae­ro­por to East Mid­lands ( 7°), l’Ae­ro­por to Mi­la­no- Ber­ga­mo ( 8°), l’Ae­ro­por to Lu­beck ( 9°) e l’Ae­ro­por to Ca­ta­nia- Fon­ta­na­ros­sa ( 10°) com­ple­ta­no le prime die­ci po­si­zio­ni. L’IN­DA­GI­NE SI è CON­CEN­TRA­TA SU TUTTI GLI ASPETTI DEL VIAG­GIO DEI PAS­SEG­GE­RI E HA CAT­TU­RA­TO LE OPI­NIO­NI DI OL­TRE 110 NA­ZIO­NA­LI­Tà DI­VER­SE IN 410 AE­RO­POR­TI IN TUT­TO IL MON­DO THE SUR­VEY FO­CU­SED ON ALL ASPEC­TS OF THE PAS­SEN­GER JOUR­NEY AND CAP­TU­RED THE OPI­NIONS OF OVER 110 DIF­FE­RENT NA­TIO­NA­LI­TIES AT 410 AIR­PORTS ACROSS THE WORLD The ran­king of Top 5 air­por ts world­wi­de, in order, is: Sin­ga­po­re Chan­gi Air­por t, In­cheon In­ter­na­tio­nal Air­por t ( Sou­th Ko­rea), Mu­ni­ch Air­por t, Hong Kong In­ter­na­tio­nal Air­por t and Am­ster­dam Schi­phol Air­por t. Lon­don Stan­sted Airport has been na­med as the “World’s Best Low- Co­st Airport” at the “Sky trax World Air­por t Awards 2014”. This com­ple­tes a hat- trick of awards for the four th bu­sie­st air­por t in the UK who al­so scoops best air­por t award for the four th year run­ning. At the ce­re­mo­ny in Bar­ce­lo­na, Stan­sted’s Ma­na­ging Di­rec­tor, An­drew Har­ri­son, said: “It’s a fan­ta­stic achie­ve­ment and a ve­ry proud mo­ment for eve­ryo­ne at Stan­sted. The airport has been at the heart of low- co­st tra­vel revolution for the la­st 15 years and this award de­mon­stra­tes we are still the un­di­spu­ted world lea­der at ser ving this gro­wing and vi­brant air­li­ne sec­tor. Stan­sted has re­tur­ned to gro­w­th over the pa­st year has plen­ty of room to grow, and with a major in­vest­ment project un­der­way to tran­sform our Ter­mi­nal”. Berlin Schö­ne­feld Air­por t re­tur­ned to the top- 5 fi­ni­shing in 2nd pla­ce, with la­st year’s runner- up Lu­ton Air­por t ta­king 3rd. Brus­sels Sou­th Char­le­roi Air­por t achie­ved a 4th pla­ce fi­ni­sh with the Kua­la Lum­pur LCCT com­ple­ting the top- 5. Frank­fur t- Hahn Air­por t ( 6th), East Mid­lands Air­por t ( 7th), Mi­lan- Ber­ga­mo Air­por t ( 8th), Lu­beck Air­por t ( 9th) and Ca­ta­nia- Fon­ta­na­ros­sa Air­por t ( 10th) com­ple­ted the top- 10.

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