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MAS­SE­RIA DI SANT AN­TO­NI / Car­re­te­ra de La Mo­la - km 3 Sant An­to­ni si tro­va nel­la par­te set­ten­trio­na­le del Por­to di Maó co­no­sciu­to co­me “S’Al­tra Ban­da” ( dall’al­tra par­te). La leg­gen­da nar­ra che Lord Nel­son e La­dy Hamilton han­no vis­su­to la lo­ro sto­ria d’amo­re pro­prio qui nel 1800. Per que­sto mo­ti­vo, il re­si­den­ce è an­che co­no­sciu­to co­me “La Fat­to­ria d’Oro” o “Ca­sa di Nel­son”. L’aspet­to clas­si­co del­la fac­cia­ta e le sue pa­re­ti ros­se han­no re­so la ca­sa un ele­men­to ar­chi­tet­to­ni­co in­con­fon­di­bi­le nel­la zo­na del por­to ed è spes­so in­di­ca­ta co­me un esem­pio em­ble­ma­ti­co dell’ar­chi­tet­tu­ra co­lo­nia­le di Mi­nor­ca. Sant An­to­ni is in the nor­thern part of Ma­hón Har­bour kno­wn as “S’Al­tra Ban­da” ( the other si­de). Le­gend has it that Lord Nel­son and La­dy Hamilton con­duc­ted their lo­ve af­fair he­re in 1800. For this rea­son, the re­si­den­ce is al­so kno­wn as “The Gol­den Farm” or “Nel­son’s Hou­se”. The clas­sic ap­pea­ran­ce of the fa­ca­de and its red walls ha­ve ma­de the hou­se an un­mi­sta­ka­ble ar­chi­tec­tu­ral fea­tu­re in the har­bour area and it is of­ten poin­ted out as an exam­ple of Me­nor­ca co­lo­nial ar­chi­tec­tu­re. www. sa­nan­to­nio­me­nor­ca. com

CA­STEL­LO SAN FE­LI­PE / ST. PHI­LIP ´ S CA­STLE Ca­la Sant Este­ve - Es Ca­stell Il Ca­stel­lo Sant Fe­li­pe sor­ge sul la­to sud dell’in­gres­so al por­to di Ma­hón e fu co­strui­to nel­la me­tà del XVI se­co­lo, su pro­get­to dell’in­ge­gne­re ita­lia­no Gio­van­ni Bat­ti­sta Cal­vi. Per Mi­nor­ca, il ca­stel­lo è più di una vec­chia for­tez­za in quan­to te­sti­mo­nia qua­si due se­co­li e mez­zo di sto­ria tur­bo­len­ta. I re­sti del ca­stel­lo so­prav­vi­vo­no an­co­ra og­gi e so­no vi­si­bi­li in su­per­fi­cie, ma i luo­ghi più sug­ge­sti­vi si tro­va­no sot­to la co­stru­zio­ne, do­ve fu­ro­no sca­va­ti da­gli spa­gno­li e da­gli in­gle­si, nel cor­so di va­rie oc­cu­pa­zio­ni, di­ver­si pas­sag­gi sot­ter­ra­nei. Sant Fe­lip Ca­stle stands on the sou­thern si­de of the en­tran­ce to Ma­hón har­bour and was built in the mid- 16th cen­tu­ry de­si­gned by Ita­lian en­gi­neer Gio­van­ni Bat­ti­sta Cal­vi. For Me­nor­ca, the ca­stle is mo­re than an old for­tress, as it bears wit­ness to near­ly two and a half cen­tu­ries of tur­bu­lent hi­sto­ry. Re­mains of the ca­stle still sur­vi­ve on the sur­fa­ce, but the mo­st im­pres­si­ve sights are to be found un­der­nea­th the si­te, whe­re se­ve­ral le­vels of un­der­ground pas­sa­geways we­re dug by the Spa­ni­sh and Bri­ti­sh over the cour­se of va­rious oc­cu­pa­tions. www. mu­seo­mi­li­tar­me­nor­ca. com

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