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MU­SEO NA­ZIO­NA­LE DI MARC CHAGALL MARC CHAGALL NA­TIO­NAL MU­SEUM È na­to dal­la vo­lon­tà dell’ar­ti­sta di riu­ni­re in un uni­co luo­go, ap­po­si­ta­men­te co­strui­to, il suo più im­por­tan­te la­vo­ro sul­la Bib­bia: le 17 te­le che com­pon­go­no il Mes­sag­gio Bi­bli­co. Il per­cor­so espo­si­ti­vo si sno­da at­tor­no al­le ope­re rea­liz­za­te dal pit­to­re sui te­mi trat­ti dall’An­ti­co Te­sta­men­to, com­ple­ta­to da la­vo­ri d’ispi­ra­zio­ne pro­fa­na o re­li­gio­sa. Ol­tre 400 di­pin­ti, pit­tu­re a tem­pe­ra, di­se­gni, la­vis e a pa­stel­lo. This mu­seum was crea­ted as a re­sult from the ar­ti­st’s de­si­re to bring to­ge­ther in one pur­po­se- built lo­ca­tion his mo­st im­por­tant work ba­sed on the Bi­ble: the 17 pain­tings that ma­ke up the Bi­bli­cal Mes­sa­ge. The exhibition un­folds around the works of the pain­ter on the the­mes of the Old Te­sta­ment, com­ple­ted by se­cu­lar or fai­th- ba­sed work. It hou­ses over 400 pain­tings, tem­pe­ra pain­tings, dra­wings, wa­sh dra­wings and pa­stels.

MU­SEO MA­TIS­SE / MA­TIS­SE MU­SEUM È si­tua­to sul­la col­li­na di Ci­miez, non lon­ta­no dal con­ven­to fran­ce­sca­no con i giar­di­ni all’ita­lia­na e l’ho­tel Re­gi­na do­ve Ma­tis­se ri­sie­de­va. Dal 1963 il mu­seo cu­sto­di­sce la col­le­zio­ne del­le ope­re la­scia­te dall’ar­ti­sta e dai suoi ere­di. Ma­tis­se ha vis­su­to a Niz­za dal 1918 fi­no al 1954. This mu­seum is lo­ca­ted on Ci­miez Hill, not far from the Fran­ci­scan Monastery and Ita­lian gar­dens, and the Re­gi­na ho­tel whe­re Ma­tis­se used to re­si­de. Sin­ce 1963, the mu­seum hou­ses the col­lec­tion of work left by the ar­ti­st and his heirs. Ma­tis­se li­ved in Ni­ce from 1918 un­til 1954. www. mu­see- ma­tis­se- ni­ce. org

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