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On­ce in Na­ples, a vi­sit to the ex­ca­va­tions at Pom­peii is not to be mis­sed. Pom­peii has pre­ser­ved mu­ch of its ur­ban struc­tu­re, as well as the ar­chi­tec­tu­ral and ar­ti­stic ele­men­ts of two thou­sand years ago when, in 79 AD, the ci­ty was bu­ried un­der vol­ca­nic ash from Mount Ve­su­vius. Va­rious tours are on of­fer at the Ar­chaeo­lo­gi­cal Si­te of Pom­peii and, de­pen­ding on your in­te­rests, the­se can be cho­sen from: the dai­ly li­fe of a Ro­man to­wn, the ar­chi­tec­tu­re, the art­works and the ur­ban struc­tu­re, as well as na­tu­re walks along the ou­ter walls whi­ch pro­vi­de a fascinating pic­tu­re of the an­cient ci­ty. A com­ple­te vi­sit re­qui­res se­ve­ral days but, de­pen­ding on the ti­me you ha­ve avai­la­ble, tours of one hour, half a day or a full day are avai­la­ble. Don’t miss al­so a vi­sit to the in­te­re­sting si­te of Her­cu­la­neum.

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