Ter­me. I luo­ghi del be­nes­se­re in lombardia Spas. Pla­ces of well­ness in Lom­bar­dy

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Le ter­me del­la Lombardia so­no si­tua­te in con­te­sti na­tu­ra­li­sti­ci no­te­vo­li, tra mon­ta­gne e la­ghi ric­chi di fa­sci­no, con la pre­sen­za di ec­cel­len­ti strut­tu­re al­ber­ghie­re e nu­me­ro­se attrazioni tu­ri­sti­che. In­fat­ti la Lombardia van­ta una lun­ga tra­di­zio­ne ter­ma­le, le cui ori­gi­ni ri­sal­go­no all’epo­ca Ro­ma­na. Dal­la Val­tel­li­na al­le Val­li ber­ga­ma­sche fi­no al­la dor­sa­le dei la­ghi, al pa­ve­se e al man­to­va­no, il ter­ri­to­rio è ric­co di sor­gen­ti sol­fu­ree e mi­ne­ra­li che co­sti­tui­sco­no un pa­tri­mo­nio na­tu­ra­le di gran­de va­len­za te­ra­peu­ti­ca e di be­nes­se­re. Lom­bar­dy’s spas are lo­ca­ted in en­vi­ron­men­ts of ou­tstan­ding na­tu­ral beau­ty, among hi­gh moun­tains and char­ming la­kes, in re­sorts that of­fer ex­cel­lent ho­tels and nu­me­rous tou­ri­st attractions. In fact, Lom­bar­dy has a long spa tra­di­tion whi­ch has its ori­gins in the Ro­man era. From Val­tel­li­na and the Ber­ga­ma­sk val­leys to the rid­ge of the la­kes and the re­gions of Pa­via and Man­tua, the land is abun­dant wi­th sul­phur and mi­ne­ral- ri­ch springs that con­sti­tu­te a na­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge of great the­ra­peu­tic and heal­th- gi­ving be­ne­fit.

La Lombardia ospi­ta alcuni dei più ri­no­ma­ti cen­tri termali ita­lia­ni, im­por­tan­ti in am­bi­to tu­ri­sti­co- ter­ma­le e pre­zio­si per la sa­lu­te e il be­nes­se­re. Luo­ghi idea­li do­ve ri­las­sar­si, pren­der­si cu­ra di sé e del­la pro­pria sa­lu­te, do­ve fa­re pre­ven­zio­ne o cu­rar­si. Le ter­me so­no un in­vi­to a se­gui­re sti­li di vita sa­lu­ta­ri ver­so una cul­tu­ra del­lo star be­ne e anche me­te do­ve tra­scor­re­re le va­can­ze, sia in esta­te che in inverno. IN APER­TU­RA E IN AL­TO: LE TER­ME DI SIR­MIO­NE, UN’OA­SI DI BE­NES­SE­RE IM­MER­SA IN UN GRAN­DE PAR­CO CON AC­QUA SULFUREA SALSOBROMOIODICA. A DE­STRA, IN AL­TO, I BA­GNI NUO­VI DI BOR­MIO E IN BAS­SO I BA­GNI VECCHI DI BOR­MIO OPE­NING AND ABOVE: THE SIR­MIO­NE SPA, AN OA­SIS OF WELL­NESS SUR­ROUN­DED BY LAR­GE GAR­DENS, WI­TH THE HEA­LING SULPHUROUS WATERS . ON THE RIGHT, ABOVE, THE NEW BA­THS OF BOR­MIO AND BE­LOW THE OLD BA­THS OF BOR­MIO

Lom­bar­dy hosts so­me of Ita­ly’s be­st- kno­wn spa re­sorts, whi­ch are im­por­tant to spa tou­ri­sm and in­va­lua­ble for heal­th and well- being. They are ideal pla­ces to re­lax, ta­ke ca­re of one­self and one’s heal­th, and enjoy pre­ven­ta­ti­ve treat­men­ts or cu­res. Spas are an in­vi­ta­tion to fol­low a heal­thy li­fe­sty­le fo­cus­sed on well- being cul­tu­re and are al­so a pla­ce to spend ho­li­days, bo­th in sum­mer and win­ter.

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