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PLO­V­DIV AIR­PORT ( PDV) Dall’Ae­ro­por­to di Mi­la­no Ber­ga­mo si può rag­giun­ge­re la cit­tà di Plo­v­div con la com­pa­gnia ae­rea Rya­nair. Voli di­ret­ti il mer­co­le­dì e la do­me­ni­ca. Durata del vo­lo 2: 10 cir­ca. The ci­ty of Plo­v­div can be rea­ched from Mi­lan Ber­ga­mo Air­port wi­th the air­li­ne Rya­nair. Di­rect f lights ope­ra­te on Wed­ne­sdays and Sun­days. The du­ra­tion of the f light is 2.10 hours ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly. L’Ae­ro­por­to di Plo­v­div si tro­va a cir­ca 14,5 km dal cen­tro cit­tà, che è pos­si­bi­le rag­giun­ge­re con: Plo­v­div Air­port is si­tua­ted about 14.5 km from the ci­ty cen­tre, whi­ch can be rea­ched by: Au­to­no­leg­gio/ Car ren­tal. In ae­ro­por­to so­no di­spo­ni­bi­li di­ver­se so­cie­tà di au­to­no­leg­gio co­me Choi­ce Rent a Car, Fi­re­fly, Her­tz e Th­rif­ty. Dif­fe­rent car ren­tal com­pa­nies are avai­la­ble at the air­port su­ch as Choi­ce Rent a Car, Fi­re­fly, Her­tz and Th­rif­ty. Ta­xi. Pres­so l’ae­ro­por­to di Plo­v­div ope­ra­no di­ver­se so­cie­tà di ser­vi­zio ta­xi tra le qua­li Viai­let Ta­xi, Ta­xi 1, Per­fect Ta­xi e Eco Ta­xi. Va­rious ta­xi com­pa­nies ope­ra­te from Plo­v­div Air­port in­clu­ding Viai­let Ta­xi, Ta­xi 1, Per­fect Ta­xi and Eco Ta­xi. www. plo­v­di­vair­port. com - www. rya­nair. com

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