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The to­wer of the Min­četa Fortress has do­mi­na­ted Du­bro­v­nik for cen­tu­ries and has a fa­sci­na­ting ar­chi­tec­tu­ral struc­tu­re. The ori­gi­nal buil­ding was smal­ler and squa­re, and was built by Ni­ci­for Ra­n­ji­na in 1319. It was adap­ted and re­cei­ved its cur­rent mo­nu­men­tal cir­cu­lar form from the fa­med Re­nais­san­ce ar­chi­tect Mi­che­loz­zo Mi­che­loz­zi of Flo­ren­ce and one of the grea­te­st Croa­tian Re­nais­san­ce ma­sters Ju­raj Dal­ma­ti­nac. The pro­ject was com­ple­ted in 1464. The top of this struc­tu­re pro­vi­des a stun­ning view of the to­wn and all its sur­roun­dings.

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