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the sky­scra­pers of Mi­lan one on the other (a sky­scra­per is de­fi­ned as a buil­ding with a mi­ni­mum height of 50 me­ters), you would get to 6 km, ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly the di­stan­ce bet­ween the Duo­mo and Li­na­te airport.

SPI­RA­LE DI LU­CEla Tor­re Uni­cre­dit dal­la pas­se­rel­la che por­ta al cen­tro.piaz­za Gae Au­len­ti. Sul­la de­stra un edi­fi­cio com­mer­cia­le pro­get­ta­to da Piuar­ch. Sul­lo sfon­do la Tor­re So­la­ria, 143 m.the Uni­cre­dit To­wer seen fromthe wal­k­way lea­ding to the city-cen­tre.

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