Lu­xu­ry win­do­ws and re­lax

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Vi­si­ting the Gal­le­ry means di­sco­ve­ring the win­do­ws of pre­sti­gious brands (it is the first cen­tre of lu­xu­ry built in the city), re­stau­ran­ts with re­gio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal me­nus, ca­fes whe­re you can en­joy a tra­di­tio­nal happy hour (with cock­tails and ap­pe­ti­zers) and re­lax wat­ching people co­ming and going. Then go shopping in a pu­re­ly “Mi­la­ne­se” style. And for tho­se who want to ad­mi­re the mo­saics from abo­ve, from an unu­sual per­spec­ti­ve, it is pos­si­ble to rea­ch the bal­co­ny that runs along the roof.


Giu­sep­pe Verdi, Charlie Cha­plin, Maria Cal­las and Frank Si­na­tra had lun­ch. The re­sto­red Bar Mot­ta, with its 30s-style, and the Ape­rol Ter­ra­ce (top floor of the buil­ding that hou­ses Fel­tri­nel­li sto­re) com­ple­te the ofer of ca­te­ring in the Gal­le­ry. But the­re are al­so cul­tu­ral ad­dres­ses: Boc­ca book­shop, a true sym­bol of Mi­lan’s cul­tu­re, spe­cia­li­zed in vo­lu­mes about art and an­ti­ques sin­ce 1775, The Li­bra­ry Dea­ler­ship In­sti­tu­te Mint Sta­te, the well-stoc­ked sto­re by Rizzoli, and all stuf re­gar­ding mu­sic (CDs, DVDs, ar­ran­ge­men­ts, books) in the “old” seat of glo­rious pu­bli­sher Ricordi (now lo­ca­ted abo­ve Fel­tri­nel­li’s me­ga­sto­re, whi­ch sells books and lo­ts mo­re). And, in the heart of the Italian fa­shion ca­pi­tal, the spar­kling win­do­ws of Borsalino and Prada, Guc­ci bou­ti­que (with a ca­fé an­ne­xed), foot­wear and ac­ces­so­ries by Tod’s and th equal­ly ve­ry Italian (de­spi­te their na­me) ties by An­drew’s Ties and Ca­dè. But the­re are al­so Swaro­v­ski, the sho­w­room of the brand Louis Vuitton and clo­thing sto­res Dut­ti and Lui­sa Spa­gno­li, jewel­ry by Leo Piz­zo, sil­ver­ware by Ber­na­sco­ni, the sto­re of pre­cious gem­sto­nes, jewel­ry and tren­dy gold­smi­th with Italian ta­ste by Car­lo Vi­ga­nò. And tho­se who lo­ve foun­tain pens can fea­st their eyes (and de­ci­de to pur­cha­se one or mo­re of the ori­gi­nal pie­ces and keep them on di­splay on the de­sk) on Me­ja­na’s win­dow.

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