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li­ke the sur­roun­ding di­trict, pro­ba­bly ta­kes its na­me from Old Lom­bar­dic “bray­da”, mea­ning grass field. It may be de­fi­ned as “wild” for the es­sen­ce of its beau­ty, un­con­cer­ned, wi­thin its du­sty ma­je­sty, about the chaos of city all around it. Built on a thir­teen­th­cen­tu­ry con­vent of the re­li­gious order of the Hu­mi­lia­ti, it hou­ses an ama­zing art gal­le­ry.

pa­gi­na a la­to: La mu­sa me­ta­fi­si­ca di Car­lo Carrà (Sa­la X). La sa­la X, lun­ga e stret­ta, è sta­ta rial­le­sti­ta nel 2004 per ospi­ta­re la do­na­zio­ne Je­si. Me­ta­phy­si­cal Muse by Car­lo Carrà (Hall X). Hall X, house the Do­na­tion of Je­si.

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