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Ri­sing in the area whi­ch was once oc­cu­pied by the Church of Santa Maria del­la Sca­la (that ga­ve its na­me to the thea­tre), la Sca­la was re­sto­red in 1807 and 1830, en­lar­ged in 1835, beau­ti­fied in 1848, elec­tri­fied in 1886, de­stroyed in 1943 by al­lied bom­bing, re­built in 1946 and, fi­nal­ly, dee­ply re­newed in 2004.

sot­to: dal feb­bra­io del 2001 tutti

i la­bo­ra­to­ri del tea­tro so­no sta­ti

riu­ni­ti ne­gli spa­zi dell’ex

fabbrica dell’An­sal­do

in­se­dia­men­to in­du­stria­le

del­le ac­cia­ie­rie An­sal­do.

In foto il pa­di­glio­ne Be­nois.

left: Sin­ce Fe­brua­ry 2001, all the

la­bo­ra­to­ries of the thea­tre have

been ga­the­red in the for­mer

factory be­lon­ging to in­du­strial

steel­work An­sal­do. In the

pho­to, pa­vi­lion Be­nois .

tea­troal­la­sca­ pre­no­ta/pian­ta-po­sti/pal­chi­vi­sta.html). Mo­reo­ver, the plan sho­ws si­ze and fea­tu­res of the avai­la­ble sea­ts. A tic­ket for the Thea­tre Mu­seum gi­ves you access to halls, col­lec­tions, Li­via Si­mo­ni li­bra­ry and you can even over­look the thea­tre hall. Tou­rists can choo­se among va­rious op­tio­nal tours,

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