Gli esclu­si­vi va­si del­la“Mu­ra­no Art Col­lec­tion” so­no ca­po­la­vo­ri di ar­te ve­tra­ria mu­ra­ne­se che rac­chiu­do­no es­sen­ze pre­zio­se. Sei a ele­va­to con­cen­tra­to di oli es­sen­zia­li per una lun­ga per­si­sten­za sul­la pel­le.

Conde Nast Traveller (Italy) - - GRAND TOUR D'ITALIA -

Pre­cious and so­phi­sti­ca­ted flo­wer wi­th an­cient roo­ts, the Ro­sa Mo­ce­ni­ga – from the na­me­sa­ke Ve­ne­tian fa­mi­ly, the Mo­ce­ni­go, who­se hi­sto­ri­cal ma­nor in Al­vi­so­po­li has been har­bo­ring a ma­gni­fi­cent ro­se gar­den for mo­re than 200 years – is the lea­ding ac­tor in a “for her” fra­gran­ce of in­ten­se and frui­ty sen­sua­li­ty si­gned by The Mer­chant of Ve­ni­ce, brand crea­ted by Ma­vi­ve, sec­tor lea­der wi­th a pre­sti­gious per­fu­me­ry brands port­fo­lio and stric­tly tied to Ve­ni­ce and its hi­sto­ry. Be­si­des, the Mo­st Se­re­ne Re­pu­blic of Ve­ni­ce played a key ro­le in the hi­sto­ry of glo­bal per­fu­me­ry, thanks to the hi­gh qua­li­ty of its craf­tsman­ship and the com­mer­cial ties to the Ea­st, land of aro­mas and exo­tic per­fu­mes. Ve­ne­tian craf­tsman­ship and sought-af­ter fra­gran­ces, ma­de by ex­pert per­fu­mers, are the heart of the “Mu­ra­no Ex­clu­si­ve” col­lec­tion, re­fi­ned Eau de Par­fum Con­cen­trée wi­th a uni­que and de­ter­mi­ned cha­rac­ter played on flo­we­ry and orien­tal no­tes. A col­lec­tion of

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