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Iwas con­cei­ved in the sum­mer of Ni­ne­teen Eighteen when so­me kind of war was going on but it didn’t stop two peo­ple from ma­king lo­ve in Os­si­ning that year I li­ke to think on a ri­ver­bank in sun on a pic­nic by the Hud­son as in a pain­ting of the Hud­son Ri­ver School or up at Bear Moun­tain may­be af­ter ta­king the old Hud­son Ri­ver Li­ne padd­lewheel ex­cur­sion stea­mer (I may ha­ve ad­ded the padd­lewheel— the Hud­son my Mis­sis­sip­pi) And on the way back she al­rea­dy car­ried me in­si­de of her I la­w­ren­ce fer­lin­ghet­ti wrought from the dark in my mo­ther long ago born in a small back ck be­droom— be­droom In the next room my y bro­ther heard the fir­st cry, ma­ny years la­ter wro­te me— Poor Mom—No hu­sband—No usband—No mo­ney—Pop dead— How she went th­rou­gh ugh it all— [...]

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