Corriere della Sera - Sette - - 1 Febbraio 2018 - Di Da­niel Fran­klin

Brexit, è pos­si­bi­le tor­na­re in­die­tro?

SOMETHING SURPRISING HAPPENED on the Brexit front la­st Ja­nua­ry. Small but un­mi­sta­ka­ble cracks star­ted to ap­pear in the sen­se of its ine­vi­ta­bi­li­ty. Mo­st surprising of all, one of the chief crack-crea­tors was that ar­ch-Bre­xi­teer, Ni­gel Fa­ra­ge, the Eu­ro-MP and ex-lea­der of Ukip (UK In­de­pen­den­ce Par­ty) who has cham­pio­ned the dri­ve to get the coun­try out of the Eu­ro­pean club. «May­be, ju­st may­be», he told a Chan­nel 5 te­le­vi­sion chat show on Ja­nua­ry 11th, «I’m rea­ching the point of thin­king that we should ha­ve a se­cond re­fe­ren­dum on EU mem­ber­ship».

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