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by Ro­sa­ria Zuc­co­ni and Fran­ce­sca Be­ne­det­to pho­tos by An­drea Fer­ra­ri In an apart­ment in one of Mi­lan’s big- per­so­na­li­ty hi­sto­ri­cal pa­laz­zos, Lu­ca Bom­bas­sei ex­pe­ri­men­ts his de­si­re for chan­ge The Mi­lan ho­me of ar­chi­tect Lu­ca Bom­bas­sei re­veals a de­ci­si­ve yet re­ser­ved per­so­na­li­ty and an eclec­tic vi­sion of his pro­fes­sion. You chose an ear­ly twen­tie­th- cen­tu­ry pa­laz­zo: why? I li­ked its bour­geois cha­rac­ter; I was fa­sci­na­ted by the car­ria­ge hou­se ( whi­ch is now a ga­ra­ge) on a ro­ta­ting woo­den plat­form in the ba­se­ment. I al­so li­ked its lo­ca­tion clo­se to the gar­dens at Por­ta Ve­ne­zia. The interiors have a strong clear per­so­na­li­ty, whi­ch stood up to my re­len­tless de­si­re for chan­ge. What did it look li­ke? It was a ho­me that had sur­vi­ved the fa­shio­na­ble Mi­lan era, the par­quet re­pla­ced by planks in teak and in­va­ded by pink marble. I took it back to its ori­gins, laid re­cy­cled her­ring­bo­ne par­quet and re­sto­red the rewor­ked stuc­co de­co­ra­tions.

The pro­ject’s strong poin­ts? The equi­li­brium achie­ved by

tea­ming tra­di­tio­nal wi­th con­tem­po­ra­ry. When I swit­ch on the big blue Clai­re Fon­tai­ne neon sign, the mood of the who­le hou­se chan­ges, be­co­ming a new spa­ce I li­ve in and en­joy wi­th my guests. How do you react to chan­ge? I fall in love ea­si­ly; I see a pie­ce of fur­ni­tu­re, a lamp or a nice pho­to and gi­ve in to an im­pul­se buy. They are ir­ra­tio­nal, un­pre­dic­ta­ble chan­ges, cau­sed by my love for all things beau­ti­ful. What will you keep fo­re­ver? The works of art I have col­lec­ted over the years: I see them as Po­la­roids of my li­fe. The ideal client? So­meo­ne who shares my sa­me in­te­rests and pas­sions, a re­la­tion­ship of re­ci­pro­cal show and tell. Any se­cret de­si­res? My dreams are full of pro­jec­ts: I would li­ke to start pro­du­cing oil in Pu­glia: a ru­ral li­fe in this pla­ce that has few ri­vals in term of hi­sto­ry, ar­chi­tec­tu­re and na­tu­re, whi­ch has cap­ti­va­ted me. The la­te­st pro­ject? I am working on a book that tells of my in­cre­di­ble ex­pe­rien­ce wi­th Ski­tsch ( the in­no­va­ti­ve de­si­gn com­pa­ny, on li­ne sin­ce 2009, - Ed.).

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