_ a dia­ry hou­se. spa­ces that re­veal the li­ves of tho­se who li­ve the­re, bet­ween art and de­si­gn. wi­th an at­tic full of de­si­gner pie­ces for con­ti­nuous re­vo­lu­tions

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sty­ling and words by Fran­ce­sca Da­vo­li pho­tos by Fa­bri­zio Cic­co­ni/ Li­ving In­si­de

The apart­ment in the Ti­ci­no re­gion be­lon­ging to the ar­chi­tect, set de­si­gner and sty­li­st Fran­ci­sco Dias, is moul­ded in an image of his li­fe pa­th. De­spi­te being an ar­chi­tect, Dias chose to work as a set de­si­gner. Then he de­ci­ded to buy a hou­se and the ar­chi­tect in him ca­me back to li­fe. “It was 2001,” he says, “I was loo­king for an apart­ment and a friend of mi­ne of­fe­red me his. When I saw it for the fir­st ti­me I didn’t li­ke it, but I kept going back the­re.” Un­til one sun­ny day al­lo­wed Dias to no­ti­ce the beau­ti­ful win­do­ws in the hou­se. “From that point on I no lon­ger had any doub­ts,” he smi­les. Af­ter re­pain­ting, re­pla­cing the ori­gi­nal floors and re­sto­ring the par­quet, the hou­se on­ly nee­ded to be fur­ni­shed. A ta­sk that Fran­ci­sco took on en­thu­sia­sti­cal­ly. “I love pie­ces that tell a sto­ry,” ex­plains the ar­chi­tect. Sin­ce that mo­ment, ob­jec­ts de­si­gned by ma­sters su­ch as Saa­ri­nen, Aal­to and Ma­gi­stret­ti have kept on pop­ping up, ma­ny pie­ces of a con­ti­nual­ly- evol­ving jig­saw. “I ac­tual­ly have a lit­tle se­cret,” re­veals Dias, “an at­tic full of fur­ni­tu­re.” And then the­re’s the art, another pas­sion of Fran­ci­sco, who owns works by ar­tists, pho­to­gra­phers and ar­chi­tec­ts. All in­gre­dien­ts in Dias’s re­ci­pe for the ideal world: “A pla­ce to stay in har­mo­ny wi­th our­sel­ves and wi­th friends,” he con­clu­des, “pos­si­bly wi­th so­me­thing ta­sty to eat.”

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