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pho­tos by Fe­lix Fo­re­st – words by Paola Ca­ri­ma­ti An 18th- cen­tu­ry buil­ding in the Ma­rais is the lo­ca­tion of the gal­le­ry run by Loui­se Bre­guet and Jean- Bap­ti­ste Sou­le­tie, the young foun­ders of La Chan­ce. The sto­ry of a shared ad­ven­tu­re Loui­se Bre­guet and Jean- Bap­ti­ste Sou­le­tie are the foun­ders of La Chan­ce, the Fren­ch de­si­gn stu­dio that ranks among the coo­le­st na­mes in Eu­ro­pe. She is an ar­chi­tect and he used to be a bro­ker: the pair met by chan­ce in 2010 and to­ge­ther they de­ci­ded to rein­vent their ca­reers. No­thing is left to chan­ce, that’s why they chose to call the brand La Chan­ce, be­cau­se as Jean- Bap­ti­ste says “on­ly chan­ce could bring us to­ge­ther that way”. Qui­te the op­po­si­te, eve­ry­thing is ca­re­ful­ly plan­ned: from the de­si­gners they work wi­th to the ma­nu­fac­tu­rers that ma­ke the items, and even how they will be put on show. But how do you go about buil­ding up a brand wi­th a di­stinc­tly Fren­ch iden­ti­ty if you work wi­th an in­ter­na­tio­nal team? Star­ting out from a shared ap­proa­ch to de­si­gn and clai­ming a spe­ci­fic decorative style that in­ten­tio­nal­ly di­stan­ces itself from Nor­dic mi­ni­ma­li­sm and Ja­pa­ne­se weightles­sness, Ita­lian lu­xu­ry and the con­cep­tual ap­proa­ch of the Bri­ti­sh. The fil rou­ge lin­king our part­ners is the spi­rit of Art Dé­co: we love the ele­gan­ce and rich­ness that abounds in 1930’ s fur­ni­tu­re. What va­lue do you put on sha­ring? Pro­du­cing art or de­si­gn is all about sha­ring a vi­sion. We are firm be­lie­vers of this and so we have built up a net­work of re­la­tion­ships in re­cent years, in­clu­ding de­si­gners, craf­tsmen and ma­nu­fac­tu­rers all across Eu­ro­pe. What do you li­ke be­st about your job? The fact that we are in­vol­ved th­rou­ghout the en­ti­re pro­cess: from the de­si­gn to the fi­ni­shed pro­duct. What does de­si­gn mean for you? The an­swer is in peo­ple’s at­ti­tu­des. Peo­ple stop­ping to get a better look at our pie­ces as they go pa­st our win­dow. Be­cau­se good de­si­gn is sim­ple, ho­ne­st and straight­for­ward. www. lachance. fr

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