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re­port and pho­tos by Giorgio Pos­sen­ti words by Se­ba­stia­no Bran­do­li­ni Ho­me to a rock gui­ta­ri­st in the 1980s. Now ho­me to Re­trou­vius’ Ma­ria Spea­ke and Adam Hills, wi­th their pro­ven free­sty­le abi­li­ty to sal­va­ge elements from the re­mo­te and mo­re re­cent pa­st All sorts of ob­jec­ts are mi­xed to­ge­ther he­re, from ear­ly- 1970s cu­bi­st arm­chairs by Vi­gnel­li to 1930s de­sks and lamps, pain­tings who­se style could be de­scri­bed as

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