Ho­me is whe­re the art is — p. 32

Ho­me is whe­re the art is — p. 32

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside/Design - By Fi­lip­po Romeo and Mar­co Ta­glia­fier­ro wi­th con­tri­bu­tion from Pie­ra Bel­lo­ni

Do­me­stic set­tings, ul­tra- de­co­ra­ted in­te­riors and ho­mes de­fi­ned in the smal­le­st detail, from the foun­da­tion to the roof. In­stal­la­tions and sculp­tu­res fol­low the in­te­rior de­si­gn world. Wi­th unex­pec­ted tran­sfor­ma­tions The strong pre­sen­ce of the in­te­rior de­si­gn the­me in con­tem­po­ra­ry art in­stal­la­tions re­veals the to­tal fa­sci­na­tion that ob­jec­ts ha­ve in the ima­ge­ry of to­day’s ar­tists. The at­ten­tion paid to in­te­rior de­co­ra­tion, re­de­fi­ned wi­th a drea­my, sur­real di­men­sion, is just wai­ting to be di­sco­ve­red in the works of Bel­gian Hans Op de Beeck, who di­splays my­ste­rious sta­tes of mind lin­ked to hi­sto­ri­cal and li­te­ra­ry re­fe­ren­ces. In the ca­se of ‘ The Col­lec­tor’s Hou­se’, we find our­sel­ves in­si­de a sit­ting room- mu­seum whe­re sculp­tu­res, pic­tu­res and fur­ni­tu­re are com­ple­te­ly re­built and pain­ted a ‘ ce­re­bral’ grey. Whi­le wi­th ‘ Se­mi- De­ta­ched- John & Ethel Lan­dy’ by Mi­chael Lan­dy we are pre­sen­ted wi­th the sym­bo­lic ar­che­ty­pe of the English la­bou­rer’s hou­se. Ac­ti­vi­sm and cha­ri­sma are in­stead at the ba­se of the works by Ai Wei­wei, one of the mo­st in­fluen­tial Chi­ne­se ar­tists. ‘ Chan­de­lier’, a se­ries of giant can­de­la­bra, is a mo­nu­men­tal de­cla­ra­tion exe­cu­ted using eve­ry­day ob­jec­ts. Wi­th the sa­me spirit, Au­strian Er­win Wurm in ‘ The fat hou­se’ cri­ti­ci­ses the we­stern li­fe­sty­le, fo­cu­sing on the bu­li­mia of con­su­me­ri­sm. Ger­man Ka­tha­ri­na Gros­se in­stead tran­sforms a buil­ding on the bea­ch di Fort Til­den, de­stroyed by hur­ri­ca­ne San­dy in 2012, in­to a mo­nu­men­tal work of art. The sa­me goes for Dian­go Her­nan­dez, who uses his per­so­nal sty­le si­gna­tu­re to re­count Cu­ban cul­tu­re: pain­ting the walls of mu­seums and gal­le­ries wi­th a si­gn that is al­mo­st a de­co­ra­ti­ve pat­tern. Wi­th ‘ Men­tal Pie­ce/ Cor­ne­red Fi­re­pla­ce’, El­m­green & Drag­set use ima­ge­ry lin­ked to in­te­riors to achie­ve unex­pec­ted sti­mu­li. Al­so Tho­mas De­mand de­ve­lops the the­me, star­ting wi­th ima­ges ta­ken from new­spa­pers, re­con­struc­ted in pa­per and then pho­to­gra­phed. Ame­ri­can Alex Da Cor­te re­mo­ves ma­te­rials and ob­jec­ts from their ori­gi­nal func­tion to gi­ve them new po­ten­tial wi­thin an ab­stract set­ting. Do­me­stic ima­ge­ry is on­ce again the ab­so­lu­te pro­ta­go­ni­st.

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