By Pao­la Ca­ri­ma­ti — por­trait by An­drew Me­re­di­th

In­du­strial craft — p. 61

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The hi­gh- qua­li­ty si­gna­tu­re of the Lon­don- ba­sed Ca­na­dian de­si­gner Phi­lip­pe Ma­louin: a jour­ney along the fi­ne li­ne bet­ween se­rial pro­duc­tion and hand- ma­de. Wood, steel and glass be­co­me pu­re geo­me­try in his hands In Phi­lip­pe Ma­louin’s Po­st Of­fi­ce stu­dio they work hard: a pa­st that has cro­w­ned him as one of the mo­st ta­len­ted in­ter­na­tio­nal de­si­gners and fu­tu­re brim­ming wi­th chal­len­ges. Phi­lip­pe pos­ses­ses a fle­xi­ble de­si­gn sty­le: wi­th the brands Hem and Othr he in­ve­sti­ga­tes the po­ten­tial of ac­ces­si­ble se­rial pro­duc­tion, whe­reas wi­th the li­mi­ted edi­tions for the Le­ba­ne­se Car­wan gal­le­ry and the Ita­lian Pro­jec­tB he looks in­to the ma­ny souls of craft. His ap­proa­ch to de­si­gn is ex­pe­ri­men­tal, fuel­led by strong, rou­gh ma­te­rials su­ch as wood, me­tal and mar­ble, whi­ch he stu­dies, al­ter­na­ting in­du­strial and ar­ti­san pro­duc­tion tech­ni­ques. The ar­ti­cu­la­ted sha­pe of the Grid­lock ( Roll& Hill) lamp is a good exam­ple, whe­re­by the ima­ge of the chao­tic ci­ty of Ban­g­kok be­co­mes a me­sh struc­tu­re. “I li­ke to use just one ma­te­rial in a mo­du­lar way. For Slat Col­lec­tion, the se­ries com­pri­sing a ta­ble, ben­ch and boo­k­ca­se, I cho­se sla­ts of Dou­glas pi­ne, ce­ment for

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