By Fran­ce­sca Be­ne­det­to — pho­tos by Jean- Luc La­loux

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Bioul, Bel­gium. A ti­ny coun­try sta­tion is brought back to li­fe as a mai­son de va­can­ce. Thanks to an ar­ti­stic duo’s crea­ti­ve pro­ject He spends mu­ch of his li­fe tra­vel­ling, using his ca­me­ra lens to tell sto­ries about con­tem­po­ra­ry ar­chi­tec­tu­re pro­jec­ts in the world’s mo­st fa­sci­na­ting lo­ca­tions. Jean- Luc La­loux li­ves in Bel­gium, in a ti­ny vil­la­ge in the Ar­den­nes wi­th his wi­fe An­ne. He shares wi­th her a pas­sion for crea­ti­ve re­cu­pe­ra­tion of aban­do­ned buil­dings,

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