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whi­ch he tran­sforms in­to mai­son d’hô­tes. The la­te­st is La Mi­che­li­ne, crea­ted out of the to­wn’s old rail­way sta­tion. The rails to­day al­low lug­ga­ge to be ta­ken right to the en­tran­ce. “The aim was to sa­fe­guard this area, pre­fer­ring sim­ple ar­chi­tec­tu­ral so­lu­tions wi­th low en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact”, La­loux tells us. The in­te­riors are on two le­vels and ha­ve been re­plan­ned to gi­ve, on the ground floor, a big loun­ge wi­th kitchen that ex­tends to the pa­tio and th­ree be­drooms in the ea­st wing, ea­ch one wi­th its own ba­th­room. Mea­n­whi­le, the fir­st floor looks li­ke a loft, cha­rac­te­ri­sed by its tim­ber roof trus­ses and a room di­vi­der fea­tu­ring the pic­tu­re of a vin­ta­ge train. The main idea has been to en­han­ce ba­sic ma­te­rials ( sto­ne, wood, me­tal and con­cre­te) and to put the light that floods the rooms and the re­la­tion­ship wi­th na­tu­re cen­tre- sta­ge. The fur­ni­shings are a mix of vin­ta­ge pie­ces, be­spo­ke fur­ni­tu­re by Kyo- Co and so­me con­tem­po­ra­ry de­si­gn elements. The the­me of tra­vel and re­fe­ren­ces to the world of rail­ways are eve­ry­whe­re. La Mi­che­li­ne, 37 rue d’Ar­bre, Bioul, tel. + 32.497483072, www. la­mi­che­li­ne. be. re­vi­si­ting the Mai­son’s co­des wi­th their own uni­que sty­le, dra­wing in­spi­ra­tion and pay­ing tri­bu­te. Mon­sieur Dior is the fir­st to pro­vi­de a spa­ce de­di­ca­ted en­ti­re­ly to the ho­me, al­rea­dy esta­bli­shed in the fir­st bou­ti­que on Pa­ris’s Ave­nue Mon­tai­gne. It is he­re that Ch­ri­stian Dior will sho­w­ca­se his “de­co­ra­ti­ve but not de­co­ra­ti­ve sty­le”. A lan­gua­ge that was the mo­del for Dior MAI­SON, the col­lec­tion laun­ched at the ope­ning of the Lon­don bou­ti­que on New Bond Street, whe­re it is for now ex­clu­si­ve­ly avai­la­ble. “When I think of Dior, the word ‘ fla­w­less’ co­mes to mind”, con­fes­ses the Fren­ch ar­ti­st Je­re­my Max­well, free- blo­wing va­ses in the co­lours of the Mai­son. For Jé­rô­me Fail­lant- Du­mas, crea­tor of uni­que pie­ces in mar­ble, brass and wood, the re­fe­ren­ces are clear: “The fir­st thing that ca­me to me was the no­tion of colour”. www. dior. com

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