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ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside/Design -

of the espres­so is cul­ti­va­ted in all its va­rious forms. The pro­duct re­sear­ch is over­seen by food cu­ra­tor Mad­da­le­na Fos­sa­ti Don­de­ro. Be­fo­re ex­plo­ring the wi­ne me­nu or loo­sing your­self in the mi­st crea­ted by An­drea San­sò’s cock­tails, let your eyes sa­vour the lu­mi­nous ele­gan­ce of the in­te­rior de­si­gn. Whi­te walls pro­vi­de a bac­k­drop for the glea­ming brass coun­ter, the glass and gil­ded- me­tal clu­ster lamps, the mar­ble ta­bles and the ta­bles wi­th sky- blue lac­que­red tops. The fresh in­te­riors are crea­ted by the ar­chi­tect Ales­san­dro Bian­chi wi­th the as­si­stan­ce of the Bot­te­ga Gad­da work­shop, ano­ther Mi­la­ne­se ta­lent kno­wn for their me­tal work, who ha­ve crea­ted the fur­ni­shings to or­der. Caf­fè Se­na­to & Fran­cia­cor­ta Bar, Via Se­na­to 22, Mi­lan www. se­na­to­ho­tel­mi­la­no. it

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