By Glo­ria Mat­tio­ni — pho­tos by Gior­gio Possenti

Evolution in Me­xi­co — p. 134

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A me­tro­po­lis at 2,240 me­tres a. s. l. that in re­cent years has di­spro­ved its re­pu­ta­tion as an off- li­mi­ts ci­ty. Me­xi­co Ci­ty has de­ve­lo­ped its own con­tem­po­ra­ry soul, wi­th cut­ting- ed­ge mu­seums, buil­dings by star­chi­tec­ts and gour­met re­stau­ran­ts Chao­tic, but un­der­going im­pro­ve­ment thanks to a plan to ma­ke it gree­ner. Bra­cing, wi­th an al­ti­tu­de of 2,240 me­tres and built on a vol­ca­nic plain. No lon­ger as dan­ge­rous as in the ni­ne­ties, as long as you stay in the cen­tral Fe­de­ral Di­strict. The hi­sto­ry of the “ol­de­st ca­pi­tal in the Ame­ri­cas” star­ted in 1325. The Az­tecs built Te­no­ch­ti­tlan on the banks of La­ke Te­xo­co and the Spa­ni­sh con­que­ror Cor­tes be­sie­ged it in 1521. Li­ve­ly: over re­cent years it has sha­ken off its re­pu­ta­tion as a hi­gh- ri­sk lo­ca­tion and has ri­sen to the top of the li­st of mu­st- vi­si­ts in 2016, dra­wn up by the New York Ti­mes. Co­smo­po­li­tan and re­fi­ned, wi­th a con­stant flow of in­ter­na­tio­nal vi­si­tors, espe­cial­ly in Fe­brua­ry for MA­CO, the pre­sti­gious con­tem­po­ra­ry art fair. Mo­re than ever be­fo­re, Me­xi­co Ci­ty to­day mo­ves to the beat of its hi­sto­ry and is pac­ked wi­th con­trasts. Ar­ri­ving from the air­port, you no­te the ex­tre­me­ly tall Tor­res de Sa­te­li­te by Bar­ra­gán, pain­ted in their cha­rac­te­ri­stic co­lours, the well- pre­ser­ved pre- Co­lom­bian ruins and the brand new ar­chi­tec­tu­re that has gi­ven the ci­ty a fa­ce­lift: the Ci­ne­te­ca Na­cio­nal, the Sou­ma­ya Mu­seum de­si­gned by Ro­me­ro, the Ju­mex Mu­seum and the Ele­na Gar­ro Cul­tu­ral Cen­ter. De­si­gn afi­cio­na­dos can stay in the mo­st mo­dern of ho­tels wi­th in­no­va­ti­ve de­cor, li­ke tho­se in the Ha­bi­ta group, vi­sit col­lec­ti­ves wi­th sa­les poin­ts open to the pu­blic and ate­liers that are a blend of fa­shion and de­si­gn. It is li­te­ral­ly a pot of gold for foo­dies: the­re exists no other mo­re ex­ci­ting pla­ce for cu­li­na­ry ad­ven­tu­res, a jour­ney of di­sco­ve­ry in­to La­tin- Ame­ri­can de­lights, from the Pu­jol re­stau­rant to the new su­shi bars li­ke To­ri To­ri ( as an al­ter­na­ti­ve to ce­vi­che, the de­li­cious tra­di­tio­nal raw fi­sh), “co­mi­dor” ta­verns and the me­sca­le­rie that fill Co­lo­nia Roma, open un­til la­te and ta­ken by storm by tou­rists.

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