By Ro­sa­ria Zuc­co­ni — pho­tos by Set­ti­mio Be­ne­du­si

Kitchen — p. 180

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An­to­nio Gno­li’s ideal spa­ce for writing, rea­ding and thin­king We all in­ter­na­li­se spa­ce in a dif­fe­rent way, whi­ch we mo­di­fy ac­cor­ding to our own needs. An­to­nio Gno­li, phi­lo­so­pher, wri­ter and jour­na­li­st, is per­fec­tly aware of this, and is at ea­se in this small, quiet apart­ment. He is hap­py to spend ti­me alo­ne he­re, de­vo­ting him­self to his pas­sions: rea­ding, writing and the joy of art. And coo­king, whi­ch for him has a dual va­lue. “A way to ac­qui­re a cer­tain ma­nual abi­li­ty and a chan­ce to spend ti­me wi­th just a few ha­bi­tual guests and new peo­ple I’d li­ke to get to know, to talk about eve­ry­thing”. A clo­se look at the li­fe of her client ga­ve the de­si­gner Ales­san­dra Ma­ri­no the chan­ce to de­si­gn a ho­me to be worn, wi­th ele­gant so­brie­ty. The de­si­gn is sim­ple, fo­cu­sing on the need to ac­cu­mu­la­te and or­ga­ni­se books in all rooms, th­rou­gh es­sen­tial fur­ni­tu­re and mo­du­les. “An­to­nio mo­ves from one ta­sk to ano­ther at the sa­me ti­me: one de­sk alo­ne is not enou­gh”, adds Ales­san­dra Ma­ri­no, amu­sed. “Luc­ki­ly the hou­se has a fi­ne ter­ra­ce wi­th a view of Ro­me. To re­mind him that ou­tsi­de of his shell, the­re is a lot mo­re”.

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