By Ro­sa­ria Zuc­co­ni and Fran­ce­sca Be­ne­det­to

Con­tem­po­ra­ry por­trait — p. 200

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside/Design - Pho­tos by Na­tha­lie Krag — text by Fi­lip­po Romeo

20th cen­tu­ry works of art and de­si­gn: at ho­me wi­th Car­lo Pra­da, jour­na­li­st and col­lec­tor who has cho­sen to li­ve in mi­lan, in a hou­se cu­stom- de­si­gned for the man and his col­lec­tion Con­tem­po­ra­ry art and de­si­gn in­te­ract in a ga­me of con­ti­nuous re­la­tions bet­ween the mo­st in­no­va­ti­ve art forms and the ma­ster­pie­ces be­hind the hi­sto­ry of de­si­gn. We are in Mi­lan, at the ho­me of Car­lo Pra­da, a keen art col­lec­tor. The flat, lo­ca­ted in a cha­rac­te­ri­stic Mi­la­ne­se buil­ding, ori­gi­nal­ly had li­ving areas de­fi­ned by pe­riod stuc­co cei­lings and car­ved par­quet. For the re­no­va­tion, he cho­se ar­chi­tect Han­nes Peer, ba­sed on his in­te­rior de­si­gn work, whi­ch is hal­fway bet­ween ho­mes and fa­shion areas. “We wan­ted to em­pha­si­se the two souls of the hou­se: the spirit of the tra­di­tio­nal spa­ces and the con­tem­po­ra­ry feel, by ma­king the en­vi­ron­men­ts mo­re fluid and tran­sfor­ming the kitchen in­to a ‘ ve­ran­da’ con­nec­ted to the ter­ra­ce and open to the re­st of the hou­se”, ex­plains Peer. This new li­ving area in the flat is hi­ghlighted by the re­sin used, in the sha­de of ‘ Gio Pon­ti light blue’. “I li­ke to seek pro­jec­ts by tho­se who ha­ve go­ne do­wn in the hi­sto­ry of de­si­gn. Art ca­me la­ter, even if I ha­ve al­ways nur­tu­red it as one of my in­te­rests”, tells us Pra­da. “The idea was to add the works to the en­vi­ron­ment wi­th sub­tle­ty, en­su­ring that they li­ve in per­fect harmony wi­th their sur­roun­dings and crea­te do­me­stic si­tua­tions that are al­ways dif­fe­rent”.

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