By Lau­ra Maggi

Pa­tri­cia Ur­quio­la — p. 41

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside/Design -

An im­por­tant year for this de­si­gner, Spa­ni­sh by bir­th, Ita­lian by adop­tion, mar­ked by ap­point­ment as ar­ti­stic di­rec­tor of Cas­si­na Un­ti­ring, wi­th her un­mi­sta­ka­ble si­gna­tu­re of for­ma­li­ty and fan­ta­sy, al­ways pro­li­fic, at the la­st Sa­lo­ne del Mo­bi­le, Pa­tri­cia Ur­quio­la pre­sen­ted two new col­lec­tions for Kar­tell and Georg Jen­sen. This year has al­so seen the fir­st re­sul­ts of her ar­ti­stic di­rec­tion at Cas­si­na, whi­ch da­tes back to Sep­tem­ber 2015. A de­man­ding ro­le due to the very na­tu­re of this brand, lin­ked bo­th to pro­duc­tion of con­tem­po­ra­ry de­si­gn pie­ces and to rewor­king of works by the mae­stros. “We are rea­dy to in­no­va­te to main­tain this ex­pe­ri­men­tal cha­rac­te­ri­stic that al­lo­ws the brand to pos­sess su­ch hu­ge hi­sto­ri­cal ar­chi­ves.” Star­ting wi­th put­ting to­ge­ther of an un­pre­ce­den­ted team, its mem­bers al­rea­dy being ima­gi­ned by the de­si­gner. It is fun­da­men­tal to in­no­va­te the brand’s cha­rac­ter wi­th ab­so­lu­te at­ten­tion to the que­stion of rewor­ked for­mer edi­tions. “Wi­th an at­ti­tu­de of deep re­spect for the mae­stros, I stu­dy the ori­gins of their pro­jec­ts and try to ima­gi­ne them in to­day’s world, wi­thout over­tur­ning their iden­ti­ty.” www. pa­tri­ciaur­quio­la. com, www. cas­si­na. com

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